Excalibur Power Red

 100.00 / 1 months

Excalibur Power Red Managed Garry’s Mod server package

Product Description

This hosting is only available for Garry’s Mod at the moment

With our Excalibur Power Red Hosting, your server will have the best performance we can assure. This package will give the space for Garry’s Mod to push it to it’s limits. We setup the server for you and always keep an eye on every individual server. If there is an error occurring on your server, we are here to tell you and help you fix this problem.

This package gives you access to unlimited slots and high CPU priority. Also we will give you unlimited MySQL databases and we will setup FastDL for your server without any extra cost.

Because we fully manage your server, you will only have access to the FTP side of your server, RCON access and access to the Server Console log. You will not have any access to the base Garry’s Mod files and the server startup parameters. We will configure this for you for free and can be changed at all times with sending a Ticket or contacting one of the support assistants.

All our servers have DDoS protection and run on hardware and software that is best for Garry’s Mod in our opinion.

This product is perfect if  you don’t have time to setup and manage a server yourself or if you don’t have enough or no knowledge about setting up a Garry’s Mod server. We will try our best to ensure a stable server, of course we will always have to deal with certain limits of Garry’s Mod.


What you get:

  • We install your chosen gamemode (available: DarkRP, TTT, Sandbox, more on request)
  • 2 hours of server support for your server monthly
  • Unlimited basic support
  • Access to our database of Developers, Modellers and Graphic designers
  • Free FastDL for your server
  • Free Loading Screen Hosting
  • The Excalibur Power Red Garry’s Mod hosting


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