Terms and Conditions

These are our Terms and Conditions

Please note that we have the right to edit the Terms and Conditions at any time



Abuse may cause termination of your server and will deny any further orders. We see abuse as using the services in the wrong intentions or not following our rules.



Orders will be delivered by one of our agents through email, Steam chat or Teamspeak. This means that the order process is not automated and may take upto 48 hours to get delivered. We are not held liable if we ever exceed this time for whatever reason.



Refunding our services is not allowed and will result in a ban from our server. By this you will also lose all the rights on your files and they will be ours. Normally we don’t ¬†allow refunds, but if you feel like your reason might be an exception you can submit a ticket.



We are not held liable for any mistakes in writing.