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Random Permanent Ban?

Your In Game Name: Void or Decoy

How long is your ban: I think its permanent

Who Banned You: No person stated in the ban message

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:89755110

Date of Ban: Unknown

Reasons of Ban (If you don't know why, join our TS3 server to get a reason):

Screenshot of Ban (when you attempt to connect):

Tell us your side of the story, (provide proof if necessary): I got no story. Im just banned?

Why should you be unbanned?: I think i received a faulty ban?

Bans don't normally just randomly happen. We'll have to wait for DJ to check what triggered the ban before any action can be taken.
Excalibur TS:
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That's weird I'll look at this when I get back home if DJ hasn't done so already.
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The only way it could ban you with no person or reason is when you try injecting Lua. There is no other way to get banned like that.
Excalibur TS:
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