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Event Manager Rules

Event Manager Rules 

These rules apply to all staff who do an event and event managers can tell staff how to run an event.

- Do not take sits.
- Do not warn people.
- You may kick people either if no staff are on or if it involves a race.
- If tryouts are going you have to wait till they are done before you start an event.
- Do not disrespect anyone
- Do not disrespect staff
- Staff situations staff are above you (example any sits your in)
- In event situations you are above staff (example making races)
- If staff do events event managers have the right to do anything with the race.
- There is a max of 4 daily events a day. 
- 200k max in total prizes for every daily race event.
- For 140k - 200k max prizes you're only allowed to do 2 races per the event.
- For 80k - 139k max prizes you're only allowed to do 4 races per the event.
- For 0k - 79k max prizes you're only allowed to do 5 races per the event.
- To give top 3 prizes there must be more than 6 people if less just 1 prize for 1st
- For races for fun you can do as many races as you want but cannot go longer than 40 minutes.
- For making events you can only due car events (examples Races, Demo Derby, Car show, Decal competition, and so on)
- Trial event manager will be trained to do daily events once trained can only do daily events
- Assistant Event Manager do daily events and may help with big weekend events
- Manager Successor Event Manager can be trained to do big weekend events and when trained can do weekend events they have to be accepted by the Manager Of Event Managers 1st.  They also are above Assistants and trials and can tell them when to not do or do an event.
- Manager Of Event Managers can host any event when ever.  They can tell any event manager when to hold an event or to help out for one.
- Event Managers cannot be staff members.
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