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How to be a Driver in Paralake City!


Welcome to NFS RP, one of the most unique and welcoming communities in all of Gmod! I'm Richard Adams, Co-Leader of one of the Crews, Bushido, but we will get into that later!

Now, you must be thinking to yourself, what do I do on this server? This map sure seems big! Why are there so many cars around? If so, this post is for you, the inexperienced rookie in the start of this amazing experience!

First things first, beware of the rules! Before doing anything in NFS RP it is very important that you read the rules with close attention! They are very important and following them will assure you a pleasent and extremely fun experience on this server, or any other server for that matter!

You can find the General Rules here:
And the Driver Rules here:

Be sure to explore the rest of the forums aswell, for some funny posts or helpful ones, there are a lot of threads to choose from!


You can find the Map of Paralake City right here:

The main objective of NFS RP is racing! There are several ways you can do this. You can challenge people to races, participate in server events and be part of a crew to further improve your experience!
But you can't race without wheels! That is where the Car Dealer comes in! You can find him in the South part of the map near the Docks! You'll have to walk a bit, but after your first purchase, you wont have to walk anywhere! In future joins, you can walk to the 3-Level Parking Lot next to the Bank, where on the 3rd level you’ll find a Garage NPC, which you can use to spawn previously bought vehicles!

Car Dealer:
[Image: 92D98CC12F0657284AAA6E28EABD8708D3BA7443]

3-Level Parking Lot:
[Image: F28C80A938EBFC5FDD3C8F54EB7B05F899ECC84A]

You can buy several cars (over 150+) from different nationalities, including American, British, Japanese, Scandinavian, Italian and German on the bottom floor. You can also purchase from the Rare Car Dealer in the second floor, once you have acquired enough money! After you have bought your first car, you can spawn it using the Garage NPC, found outside the Car Dealer or on the 3rd level of the 3-Level Parking Lot, as previously mentioned!

But your car is all boring and white, if only you could customize it! Well you can, using the Mr. Mechanic Shops near any Gas Station, you can change your car's colour, skin and bodygroups, making it your own! You can also choose to place decals on it, for a more customized look. Too improve your car even further, you can choose some upgrades for it, including NOS and underglow! Locations displayed below:

Mr. Mechanic:
[Image: 280B5C22FB1B1D3A17181777C946BD76ECA21BC4]

[Image: B1BEB4096FEB9AB2453191E131B52BA2666220C4]

Custom upgrades:
[Image: 45ABBE7DD60E75DD685888E6165F691303A24909]

The state of your car is indicated on the right side of your screen, which allows you to track fuel and repairs needed. You can refuel your car with the designated fuel (Petrol, Diesel or Electricity) by going to the Gas Stations around the map where you can also fix your car if necessary!

Gas Station:
[Image: F9427892CA2221FA86A7005C94CFB7F0B8F62559]


But you don't have any money after all those upgrades! How do you win it back? Well, it's simple. You have a lot of options you can use to make money! Here are all the options you can use:
  • Drug Runs!
    Drug Runs are short missions you can use to make money effectively, as one Drug Run can give you as much as 30.000 dollars! You can start one by finding one of the NPC's, pressing E on him and starting the mission. Then you'll need to follow the direction indicated by the small white arrow in the bottom of your screen. Once you reach the end, you will have to press E on the final NPC to receive your money as prize. Beware, as these have random spawns, so "circuits" will always be different!

One of the Drug Run NPC's:
[Image: 905864821AD377B03F79111302916EECC29AE8DD]
  • Deliveries!
    Deleveries are similar to Drug Runs, except a van is provided for you and you have to return where you first started to finish the mission. To start a Delivery, you first have to press E on the Delivery Guy NPC, near the Docks. After that, you can select one of the missions and start it. To successfully earn the money, you have to go to a certain location of the map, indicated by green text, and return to the Deliveries Spot! It will give you your money then.

Deliveries Building:
[Image: E940D5232947B54B1B21D8267AF860316AA09CA2]
  • Money Investor!
    You can find the Money Investor inside the Bank, on the room to the left. To make an investment you must first give him a small amount of money, like 7.500 dollars. After approximately 10 minutes you may return and collect your money. However, there is a chance he'll steal your money if you aren't precise!

Money Investor:
[Image: 57244A07556D914587F25B82A93BAF4369AC35CF]
  • Fishing!
    Although it seems a bit out of place, you can actually fish in NFS RP, and it is a damn good money of making money too! Too fish, you go to one of the NPC's and press E on them. Purchase a Fishing Rod and some Bait, which you can pick off the ground. After that, go to the nearest body of water and Left Click to throw your hook. Wait a while and when you hear flopping inside the water, use Right Click to get the fish. After pressing E on the hooked fish, it goes to your inventory, allowing you to continue to fish. After you have run out of Bait, go to the NPC again to purchase some more, while also selling your fish!

Fishing NPC:
[Image: 96154DA9A6CAE0EFE0F02D193E85DC04CA4FD4DA]


Besides offering you the opportunity to be a Driver, you have the chance to become all of 3 different jobs: Tow Truck Driver, Police Officer and Crew Member. Here, we'll explore all of those jobs!
  • Tow Truck Driver
    The hint lies in the name. You have a tow truck and you tow people! Its pretty simple. To become a Tow Truck Driver, you first must press E on the Tow Truck Job NPC and accept the job! After that you can use the Garage NPC close by to spawn your tow truck. You can then fix vehicles, tow cars and apply fines to them, but remember, only do it, if they need your help or if they are parked illegally! To tow a car, you must place your truck in front of the vehicle you wish to tow. Then, switch to your Tow tool and left click on your truck. Then you can drive off with the car attached and park it in the coumpond area.

  • Police Officer!
    You can become a Police Officer by talking to the NPC inside the PD, after your application of the forums has been accepted!
    Your duty is to keep the city safe and to chase those who defy the Law! You will have the ability to arrest criminals and apply fines to those who break the rules! You can ask current Police Officers more about the job, to figure out if you want to be one.

    Police Applications Thread:
  • Crew Member
    There are 3 Racing Crews on NFS RP and you can choose to be a part of any one of them, as long as you are good enough! There are 3 Crews: TFK, 21st and Bushido (the one I'm a part of!). You can get into a Crew by being able to beat their tryouts when they happen. Tryouts are races hosted by the Leaders and Co-Leaders of the Crew to determine who gets in. If can break the time, you are now part of the Crew. This opens a lot of opportunities, besides giving you a closer relationship to the community of NFS RP. Now, you are able to interact with rival Crews, represent your Crew in Events and make money by robbing the bank or by kidnapping or carjacking rival crews. For this you need a gun, which you can buy in the Gun Shop near Bank! But first you need a Gun License, which you can acquire in spawn! Further details can be provided by Crew Members themselves.
And that is NFS RP! An amazing server with amazing people and amazing feautures! If you still don't understand something, it's ok! Just ask one of us, we don't bite!

I hope you have fun in Paralake City and share many experiences on this fantastic server!

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I like that ferrari, i wonder who was driving it
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(04-25-2017, 08:20 PM)Nitacle Wrote: I like that ferrari, i wonder who was driving it

freezing lag
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See you on the streets.
That ferrari is a pengaleng
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interesting guide, Seems we have 2 people who want to make guides
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Very good post, thanks for this very detailed post, it will be useful to new players for sure. Reminds me of when I used to not be a lazy forum manager.
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(04-27-2017, 10:46 PM)Scott Printers Wrote: Reminds me of when I used to not be a lazy forum manager.

First way of healing is to admit theres a problem xD
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