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Ban Appeal

Your In Game Name: Xero Hero

How long is your banTongueerma

Who Banned You:Console

Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:72341819

Date of Ban: 4/20/2017

Reasons of Ban (If you don't know why, join our TS3 server to get a reason): Unknown

Picture of the Ban Message:

Tell us your side of the story, (provide proof if necessary): Literally was trying to connect then I saw this

Why should you be unbanned?: I did nothing wrong?
-1 no words. What even is this. I dont even know what happened.
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ex 21st co-leader
Still waiting for a response :|
I'll investigate on this.
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The reason you'd be banned by the console is because of the anti-cheat, so you must've done something..
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bcz hack
 [Image: aGPr5xc.gif] me when i try to drift

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