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buggybug bugggg


Your name: Nickishero 

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:97415033

Bug found: I bought vip, and tried to spawn a prop in a bazaar shop (which I own), but when i try and put a prop on the ceiling it says: "You can't spawn props inside of store 5!" but store 5 is like 30 meters away.
EDIT!!!: NVM, It's WAY worse, its in the entire bazaar AND the parking lot, maybe even around it too! It says u cant spawn a prop in store 5 cuz i dont own it. I cant build anything in my bazaar shop...

Screenshots or videos (if possible): I dont think this is necessary.

Anything else to add?: U cant get ur props higher than like 1.5 meters
[Image: h62B09C77]
ex 21st co-leader
I will have a look when I'm home, probably made a mistake with setting up. Don't worry they are safe to buy though.
Ok tyvm Smile
[Image: h62B09C77]
ex 21st co-leader

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