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Your In Game Name: Diogo Meneses

How long is your ban:forever

Who Banned You: DJREfor

Your Steam ID:

Date of Ban:31/01/2017 2:41 

Reasons of Ban (If you don't know why, join our TS3 server to get a reason):2x NLR, 1X RDM, 1X Attemped RDM, Random shooting, running away from a sit.

Screenshot of Ban (when you attempt to connect):

Tell us your side of the story, (provide proof if necessary):i don t remember im sorry m

Why should you be unbanned?:I have good memories on the server i like to play again with my friends if is possible i il be satisfied

Well, seems like you've broke our rules multiple times leading to a ban. If the owner banned you it must of been serious because he really doesn't ban people much. I can't really say if I should unban you or not as that's the higher staff's job.
[Image: tumblr_ne9ve0uU721srtrv3o1_500.gif]
See you on the streets.
Global ban, means that the ban is irreversible due to reasons.
I take it this is denied so i will moved it Smile

Excalibur TS:
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