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Results Judge Drift Tournament #1

What a good event only a couple showed up but we got some people we had a total of 8 people.
Bolded is the winner.

Round 1A Liam Jhind 10/20 Vs Bob Johnson 14/20
Round 1B Ba Rampage 12/20 Vs Nick Necro 13/20
Round 1C Lemon Jones 14/20 Vs Mark Mcadams 16/20
Round 1D Jacob Bradberry 12/20 Vs Randy Orton 8/20

Round 2A Bob Johnson 17/20 Vs Nick Necro 11/20
Round 2B Mark Mcadams 12/20 11/20 Vs Jacob Bradberry 12/20 15/20

Round 3A Bob Johnson 16/20 Vs Jacob Bradberry 15/20

1st Bob Johnson
2nd Jacob Bradberry
3rd Mark McAdams (got 3rd because he had the most points from the losers from round 2)
Bob Johnson got 3 points for most points in the tournament.
Great event very interesting and we all learned a thing from Randy Orton don't drift while drunk.
Drunk driving is the only way to drift.
Excalibur TS:
Steam Profile

James, this gives another way to look at Initial D. Sadly im too youngto be drunk, so i cant drift Sad
You are not too young to be drunk.. you are too young to be legally drunk. Just lie about your age or steal your dad's beer Wink
[Image: h62B09C77]
ex 21st co-leader
Well im small, and my dad only drinks bad tasting beer (no, i didnt try it he he heee)
Yeah, i do drink a lot before i drift. I'm just very lucky that i haven't flipped my car whilst blasting eurobeat.
[Image: tumblr_ne9ve0uU721srtrv3o1_500.gif]
See you on the streets.

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