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Personal Info

Your name: daniel
Your in-game name: danielduncan
Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:98745251
Your location: israel
Your age:16
Link to your Steam Profile:


How active can you be on the server?:all the week
How active can you be on the Teamspeak?: daily
When did you first play on the server?: 4 weeks ago
How often are you on the server?: all the day because i love this server.

Police Situations

You pulled someone over, what would you do?:tell them to stop their engine and keep their hands where I can see them. I walk over to the car and ask for ID and proof of insurance. If present I tell them what I have pulled them over for. If not present I charge them for driving without a license plus what I pulled them over for.
Someone parked illegaly, what would you do?:i will Check if the owner is near the car. If not i will check is licnce plate and i will  fine the car and if it is a danger to the users of the road I call a tow truck. If the owner is near the car I tell them to move the car and and i will warn him for his parking.
You see someone racing, what would you do?:first i will call for some backup and i will tall them to block the road then i will turn on my lights and sirens and try to pull them over. If they refuse try to pit them. When they are in my custody I search for a licence. I then charge them with illegal racing, if needs be I give them driving without a license and If real needs be I give them the charge failure to pull over. With this charge I then arrest them.
Someone has a gun out, what would you do?:Get behind cover and make sure no civilians are in the way, call for back up and for some paramadic, I then ask the man/woman to put the gun down. If they refuse I move in to taser. I do not shoot unless he opens fire on me or other civilians in the immediate area. If the suspect is caught alive I take him in for illegal possession and use of a weapon. If he dies I file in papers for his death. If alive I will confiscate the weapon and put them in jail.


Why should you be a Police Officer?: i would be a police officer of the law to save and protect the city from some criminals and some racers i wish i will be an officer because its giving me more to do. 
Why not, more cops is more fun Smile +1
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Good RP'er

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Locked for 3 days

please wait atleast 1 week before posting a second application next time.
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