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Quitting gmod for a bit.

Read comments, bump, didnt want to make second post.
[Image: h62B09C77]
cya around nick.
Nick you cant leave you still owe me 10k Wink

See you soon pal.

-Randy Orton.
Bump. I dont want to make 2 posts of me leaving and I think im leaving again. For a bit. Idk, if holidays start again or if i get less tests ill get on probaply. Its just that I get loads of tests and today a teacher put a test for tomorrow, and another one for friday. ?☹️ Cya around
[Image: h62B09C77]
Cya soon nick
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(05-15-2017, 11:13 PM)James Bolton Wrote: Cya soon nick

Wanted to keep playing first tho but didn't see a point all on my own and both times i were on there was thirdperson camera car lagg (bouncing forward and backwards) which made me ragequit. XD
[Image: h62B09C77]
Cya Nick, I too have exams, just finished an ICT one today (aced it), 16/06/17 is the day I finish school completely for good.
well done son very proud of you

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