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Removal of cars vote

Hello Excalibur Members,

We are doing a cleanup of cars on the Need for Speed Roleplay server and we would like to have everyone's input.
There is a selection of cars where you can select which ones you want to keep on the server.
You are only allowed to fill in this form once and don't forget to inform the other players about this form so they can give their feedback.

Fill in the form here:

Don't forget to fill in the form to make sure your favorite cars don't get removed!
For now this is the list of all the cars that we are going to remove (there might be some more rare cars which we are going to remove):

BMW M1 1981
BMW 507
VW Golf MK2
VW Beetle 1968
Volkswagen Scirocco R
Volkswagen Golf VR6 GTI
Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Coupe
Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG
Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL
Mercedes-Benz C32 AMG
Chevrolet Spark
Chevrolet Impala SS 96
Chevrolet Blazer
Ford Focus SVT
Ford F100
Ford Focus RS'16
Ford Deluxe Coupe 1940
Dodge RAM 1500
Dodge Charger SRT-8
Delorean DMC-12
Alfa Romeo Giulietta+
Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
Ferrari 512 TR
Ferrari 250GT
Ferrari F50
Lambhorghini Miura Concept
Volvo S60R
Volvo XC70 Turbo
Volvo XC90
Zenvo ST1
Bentley 4 1/2 Liter Blower
Nissan Leaf
Subaru Legacy RS 1990
Subaru Legacy GT 2010

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