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NFSRP - Guide | Making Money

This guide is for new people to the server only, if you are not new you can read this through but probaply won't find anything new.
I will update this guide if new ways of making money get implented.

There are multiple ways to make money, here are the basic ones; further in the guide will be talked about one of the best ways to make fast money.
1: The delivery man - Located near the bushido base in one of the stores, you press E on the NPC and you do a delivery. This can get you up to $16,000 and has a cooldown of 10 minutes.
2: The investor - Located near mesa inside of the money tree building, you press E on the NPC and invest $7,500 up to $12,000. After that you wait around 10 minutes and come back. This can get $52,500 profit max, but he can also scam you and won't give you any money.
3: Fishing - Located near beach houses next to the ocean, You press E on the NPC, buy a fishing rod and some bait and go fishing. everytime you have fully used all of your bait, you can get up to $2,000 to $8,000. Fishing rod: $2,500, you have to rebuy Bait: $500.
4: Drugruns - Different spawns, pretty hard to explain. These NPCs are kind of bugged sometimes atm, but can get you from $2,000 up to $25,000.

Different ways:
1: Participating in events like carshows or races, can get you different amounts of money.
2: Dragraces, ask someone to dragrace you and offer money. Some people like to gamble and some don't.
3: Bank robbery, the bank can be robbed once 4 cops are online. (BEING IN A CREW IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED/NEEDED!) Can earn you around $0 - $150,000 (depends on how the heist goes), Lets say you did the heist with 5 crewmembers and you stole $100,000. That means you all get $20,000 if your leader/co-leader split it fair.

My recommendations on making money fast:
- Get on the server
+ Do a delivery
- Invest 7500
- Go fishing and wait untill delivery time is over
- Do a delivery
- Go fishing and wait untill delivery time is over
- Do a delivery
- Take your invests
- Repeat at the + mark
Tip: if you know where the drugrun NPC is, do that before you go fishing.

Have fun on the server, I hope this guide helped you!
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Interesting guide well done nick
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Moved it over here, I take it Scotty forgot to Smile

Oh, and yeah good guide, I might even join at some point now and try to get some $$$ together Big Grin
cool guide!Wink
Thanks Nick Big Grin
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I think it will help many new players out, nice Guide Smile

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