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Police Apply

Your name: Alex
Your in-game name: Alex Wu
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:179480492
Your location: Minnesota/St.Paul
Your age: 14
Link to your Steam Profile:


How active can you be on the server?: 2 hours or more on weekdays. Weekends 4+hours (Depends on my brother from getting home) 
How active can you be on the Teamspeak?: I dont really use Teamspeak. I rather use discord but if needed i will use Teamspeak
When did you first play on the server?: 4-8 weeks ago
How often are you on the server?: More than 2 hours on weekdays. Weekends maybe like a day or two

Police Situations
You pulled someone over, what would you do?: Ask them to step out the vehicle, and stand against the car/wall. Ask the driver if they understand why they have been pulled over, if they dont, I will tell them why, when and on what street. Before any other actions, I will read their rights, Remaining silent and letting them explain their side of the story/how the incident arose. Then ask for their License and registration, and look if the vehicle is actually owned by the driver and if the vehicle is stolen. (That includes checking if they have the license to drive a B-car, if not they will be detained and checking unpaid fines)

Someone parked illegaly, what would you do?: First check the license and registration, if the vehicle is stolen or if the owner has fines to pay. Then a fine will be put on the winscreenwiper. If the owner has any "Flags" I will park a few lenghts behind the vehicle and pull over the vehicle when the owner is in it, so the fines can be paid on-site.

You see someone racing, what would you do?: Go into "Prio 1" (Sirens and Flashers), Ask the vehicle(s) to pull over. If the vehicles dont pull over, the registration will be out into the system. Back at the station, I will "Flag" the vehicle in the database (Name, Tag, Brand and Type). If it is a race and the event manger says its a official race, let them go without or with a ticket if reasonable for ticket.

Someone has a gun out, what would you do?: Hide/find cover behind an object (The policecar, Trashcan) And pull out the taser. Order the person to put down the weapon on the ground (Drop) And slowly walk backwards to a wall. Then they will be detained and the weapon will be destroyed or sent to the chief for further investigation. (If they dont obey the commands or shoot, I fire 1 shot into the leg. If they keep shooting, then the suspect will be put down.


Why should you be a Police Officer?:I love to drive but new players don't know what they are doing. And people that been playing for the past few years or months they don't care about others. They ram into each other, i wanna keep this server safe for new players and make sure they are having fun and getting there fav car in-game and etc. Streets really need to be prtected because of new incomers play this server.
-Neutral from my side

I think you should improve your motivation a little bit,cause your Motivation going towards admin backseating pls dont mistake thatWink

-Kind regards Chris

Please remember this is an rp job NOT a staff job

(cant currently white list you so please wait)
Excalibur TS:
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Excalibur TS:
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