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Leaving Staff and Server

It's time for me to leave the server and staff team, i had a awesome time playing on the server and working with all staff members, i made alot of new friends too, and ive been friendly with everyone on the server, but i don't have much time to be on the server and i've been inactive alot last week, i got a bit tired and currently playing other games with RF friends and testing javascript code, that said i hope to change my mind one day and come back.

Thank you all.
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When i try to look cool
Have fun with your future endeavours.
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Goodbye sweet prince ruben was a pleasure to know you.

Kind regards
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Have fun and good luck with learning Javascript!
You are always welcome on our Teamspeak with your friends.
Hey Ruben sorry to see you leave we are going to miss you indeed and so am i, Thanks for your service here Ruben it's been a wonderful time we had you here and hopefully we will see more of you in the future.
Goodluck with learning Javascript and best of wishes!. Heart Heart
- Kind Regards Electroz Goldwyn
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- Electroz Goldwyn - Dedicated Party Wolf Member
Hai ruben i do not know if u remmember me or have seen me. But i am that guy saying compliments about your car all the time (all the time) And its very sad that ur leaving budy ;( Heart Heart
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