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Nitacle's Application

Personal Info

Your name: Ben
Your in-game name: Dajiro Yoshihara
Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:55607114
Your location: United Kingdom
Your age:13
Link to your Steam Profile:

First language: German
Other languages (if any): English
Area of study: Secondary School

Do you have a good quality microphone?: Yeah
Can your PC run the server without much lag?: Yes

Do you have prior experience as staff/Event Manager: Yes
Are you currently staff/Event Manager elsewhere?: No
What staff/Event Mangers positions have you had?:Superadmin, Admin, Moderator , TMod
What communities have you been staff with?: Gunpoint Gaming, ViscaGaming
When did you leave and why? Around about 5 ish months ago because I had enough of the server.

How active can you be on the server?: Everyday
How active can you be on the Teamspeak?: Everyday
How active can you be on the forums?: As much as I need to
When did you first play on the server?: Cannot remember
How often are you on the server?: 10+ hours
How often can you host events?: Around about 2 events a day maybe more

Server Knowledge
What can players roleplay as?: Police, Bushido, TFK, 21st, Driver and Tow truck driver
Can cops drive normal cars?: No
Are you allowed to steal cars from other players?: Yes, you can steal a players car if the owner isn't near the car.
How much does it cost to rent an apartment across from spawn?: 10,000
How long does that rental last?: 3 days
How can players make money?: Race events, Money investor, Presents and Deliveries
How do you unlock the money cases from heists?: Take them far away enough that they will go green

Event Manager Knowledge and Situations
For the daily events how much money would you give for prizes?: 1st 15k 2nd 10k 3rd 5k

What type of events do the event managers do?: Race events. I'm sure that you can choose what type of events you wish to do unless the event leader person disagrees with it

What is your favourite type of event do you like on the server?: Big events

There is a guy ramming a lot in the race what do you do?: Pull him/her out maybe disqualify him/her if he is not in the race I would warn him/her

There is a guy in Admin chat wanting help for a sit and there is admins on what do you do?: I would let the admins deal with it

There is tryouts going on and you want to do an event what do you do?: Wait until they are over

How many events should there be daily?: 2 maybe 3

Is there anything you would want to be improved or more if in events or the event manager system: Not currently
[Image: f8ac3aad-cc20-4e3c-975e-fced88d876bd.gif]

+1 for testicle

- Very active on ts
- answered questions well
- maybe a little higher prizes on daily? Smile

Kind regards
Excalibur TS:
Steam Profile

Thank you James for the kind reply, I will take that into consideration and maybe raise the stakes depending on how much people are there and how big the race it.
[Image: f8ac3aad-cc20-4e3c-975e-fced88d876bd.gif]


good application

could be a good Event manager!

[Image: FTbEzMp.gif]  me like R34

Great guy, haven't seen him in any sits.
[Image: tumblr_ne9ve0uU721srtrv3o1_500.gif]
See you on the streets.

Cool dude, doesn´t break any rules, pretty sure he could create some pretty dank events.
[Image: sOhgJ55.gif] Git spooked

+1 my grillfriend.
The Best Forum Manager In The World

[Image: v1.png]
-Sorry bud I love you but I need someone a little more mature
XOXOXOXO Hugs and kisses
"ADMINS!!! I'm in water again, need help!"
[Image: race-car-driver-fail.gif]

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