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DarkRP Suggestion DUMP

Name of Feature: A lot of them
Link to add-on: below
What will this feature bring (RP wise)?: a lot
How will this benefit the server?: a lot
Does it cost money? If so, how much?: some
What is the file size for this add-on?: a lot

Blue's Unboxing 2! - CSGO Style Unboxing

[Image: 5f588619196b3ba4b6f1f8597b83c73f.png]

NPC Police

[Image: b5733394a81c11cbea6f86b1b9b6d693.png]

[v1.3.1] Realistic Kidnap System

[Image: bd076fd4e41dcfe4243f603ad0d3f10e.png]

Safe Zone
[Image: 9dea24b8bd49711f1328ed31cb46220d.png]

Quest System
[Image: 84cad7526613f84144293bb934c664ac.png]

Event Addon
[Image: 6868fe69efe7f7ca75813b4d22bd5a48.png]

DarkRP Fire System
[Image: 3c4e5c81bec2e4c26ed67c39d851e517.png]

[Image: 47cfca84dc60d712c75e51473f0d51bc.png]

Coin Flips
[Image: 7126f3b7d737eab42456644c7c2ade49.png]

Elite Party System
[Image: a81cbfebed62ba988b9af74e13d7241f.png]

I'll dump some more later.
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