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Poll: How Many Laps (the more laps you may have to pit)
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5 laps
3 42.86%
6 Laps
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8 Laps
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10 laps
4 57.14%
Total 7 vote(s) 100%
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(Closed) Formula E #1 March 26th

Your in game name:  Dawn Uprise
Car you will use: Porche 918 Spyder
Crew you are from: Driver
Race Number (if race number please use decals and put it on the car):  #74
If in a race team who your with and what the team is called: None
Your in game name: Daijiro Yoshihara
Car you will use: Nissan GTR Black Edition
Crew you are from: Bushido
Race Number: 69
[Image: f8ac3aad-cc20-4e3c-975e-fced88d876bd.gif]

Saturday Last Day to sighn up
"ADMINS!!! I'm in water again, need help!"
[Image: race-car-driver-fail.gif]
Your in game name: Domer letto
Car you will use: Porshe 918 spyder
Crew you are from: 21st
Race Number: 68
 [Image: aGPr5xc.gif] me when i try to drift

It is now closed
Any changes give me a personal message on the forums

From now on we don't really have enough people for the race so I am gonna allow people to join if they are there on the server at the time but they will start last place
Also we will be doing 10 laps.
"ADMINS!!! I'm in water again, need help!"
[Image: race-car-driver-fail.gif]
1st Takumi Fujiwara Best lap too
2nd Sato Takuma
3rd Dajiro Yoshihar
Noone else showed up come on guys.
"ADMINS!!! I'm in water again, need help!"
[Image: race-car-driver-fail.gif]

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