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Congrats Shane/Taylor

Shane Strife has won the 5mil congrats

I made this and this was rigged by Ryan complete

I hope your TFK hoes leave you
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Pandy Savage-Ex-Mod

Was Here
Name : Killua Zoldyck
Why I should have the 5mil: Because i am poor and i am very active
Name : Andreas Kirsch

Why I should have the 5mil : I want the 5mil because Im very active and want to buy a good car on this server.
Tyler Loren
I would love to have the 5 mil because i have given most of my money away to people who needed it more than me but i now realise that i have no money left
[Image: f8ac3aad-cc20-4e3c-975e-fced88d876bd.gif]

Kerian lee
i would like to have the 5 mill cuz i give my money away . and it would be nice to have a bit of cash to spend 4 myself
[Image: 9P7J0a2.jpg]
Really your spending 5 mill to get rep. This is stupid.
"ADMINS!!! I'm in water again, need help!"
[Image: race-car-driver-fail.gif]
Name: James Bolton
Why I should have the 5mil: because I won't tell Vlad to take the rank from you ^_-

Excalibur TS:
Steam Profile

Name: Shemar Collins
Why I should have the 5mil: My player has just entered himself into a gang war with the asian people, They beat my ass, and made fun of me for driving a subaru, i am really need to get their asian asses back, and show them why the south is better than the entire asian population,
Name:Tiny Rick
Why I should have the 5mil: I recently just joined the server and am having a blast. Would like to upgrade cars and change from a ricer to a tuner ^^
Was not only for rep seem like a good idea
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Pandy Savage-Ex-Mod

Was Here

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