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Little Update

Quote:"Omg Scott what is this 'applications' forum??? we already got the applications"
I am moving all the applications for the NFS server to a seperate forum as they're taking up a lot of place and me & DJ feel like it would be more suitable and neater for them to be in their own seperate forum.

Quote:"Scott why the hell have you left the transfer unfinished?"
Because I am waiting for the forums to update to MyBB 1.8.10 so I can move all the applications (staff, police etc) (accepted, pending and denied) over to the new forum dedicated to forums. Without inline moderation which was broken until MyBB 1.8.10 I would have to sit for approximately 5+ hours to move every application to have ever exist on the NFS forums individually. I don't feel like hitting depression yet so I am going to postpone the transfer for now.

Hope that clears up everything, anything you want to know? Ask below.
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