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Hurray a forum suggestion!

Where it says "More" and have a dropdown menu, rename that to Servers and have a page to the different servers which tells what kind of server it is and add a IP for people to connect.
Also move the !Help to be the last item up there, as it's not affiliated with the community.

And have another button at the top where it says "Donate" and redirects to the donation page.

And a misc. thing if DJ thinks it's a good idea. Instead of having to pick either "Donate" or "Forums" when entering the website, or clicking the logo in the top. Have it send people directly to the forums, and from there they can go and click the donate. I know it's a good way for people who just wants to donate, but tbh.. it's pissing me the fuck of every single time I enter the forums or clicking the logo to go back.

[Image: 30nf04k.jpg]
Also, have people either log in with steam, or have them link their steam profile on the forums.
It's rather hard to know who is who in-game and on the forums as we're mostly using RP names in-game and it's not all who do it out-game xD
Thats why i got scotty to change my name to my ingame name Smile

i share your pain on the redirecting on the forums its driving me mad.
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Maybe make your inbox next to your name?, So you can see if you got a new Response on something like a Application,?

That will make it all quicker
Good suggestion, we really need to change some things in the forum.
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We have the plugin to link and login with Steam accounts but it's not activated and hasn't been for a while. Might have a talk with DJ about it.
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