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Answer the question above you

Yes, he is a lazy bastard.
Have you heard? bird?
Ya ive heard bird big bird use to suck my cock
Have you ever played on Dino DDay good game specially the Nazi dinosaurs.
Do you know a taco man?
Yeah he works at taco bell
Have you been naughty or nice?
Daily Goal

  • Remind Electroz hes a lazy bastard

[Image: giphy.gif]
I've been a very naughty person!
Did you ever get arrested?
do you like the forums
The best Forum Manager in the world.

[Image: 1la6ne.gif]
To answer in all honesty, no I don't.
I do think it is too dark, got a few annoying issues here and there and I'm not really fond of MyBB (but at least it's easy to deal with, update, and add to)

Favourite drink?
Mountain Dew Citrus Original
Favourite Canadian

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