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How gunpoint works

What does it means to be held at gunpoint?. Being held at gunpoint means that you are close range and are actively aiming at the person being held captive.
  • If you move away from whoever you are holding at gunpoint such that your view of them is blocked they are no longer at gunpoint and can run or draw a weapon of their own.
  • If you look away and your back is turned for period of time long enough that the captive(s) could get away or take out a weapon then they may do so.
  • If you take someone at gunpoint near a corner where they could reasonable run around said corner and flee or defend him/her self they may do so.
In addition, once shots have been fired everything about being held at gunpoint goes out the window. If you start shooting someone it is perfectly valid for them to run away or return fire. For example if you have just shot someone’s car to disable it and they are forced out they can run away or start shooting back.

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