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Police Chief Application Template

Personal Info
Your in-game name: 
Your Steam-ID:
Your location:
Your age:

How active can you be on the server?:
How active can you be on the Teamspeak?:
When did you first play on the server?:
How long have you been playing on the server
How often are you on the server?:

Police Situations
The mayor is asking you how the city is doing, how would you respond?:
Someone called in a kidnapping, how would you proceed?:
A new player is unaware how to play cop, so he just runs around and annoy people, what do you do?:

You pulled someone over, what would you do?:
Someone parked illegally, what would you do?:
You see someone racing, what would you do?:
Someone has a gun out, what would you do?:

Why should you be a Police Chief?:

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