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2nd Illegal street race

This was diffrent from the first one that I wasn't there.  It was a challenge but it didn't work.  I would like to say thank you to nanaki as a representive of the Excalibur members for trying and making this happen.  He used his spare time to make something for us.  It did not turn out so me and Taylor made an event in memory of the first illegal street race same desighn and it was a tournament.  It was a very fun to watch and commentate and congratulations to Takumi for winning the grand prize of 1 mill.  Also thanks to the competitors.  Also nanaki left after his struggle the community is sorry for acting so hrash to u and would hope u could come back.

"ADMINS!!! I'm in water again, need help!"
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What happened?
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Cops didnt really follow race rules then nanaki left. Taylor decided to do a tournament like the 1st championship which went perfectly.
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See you on the streets.
SO what happened is that nanaki had it bugged and then he did another race and then it wasn't specific if cops were in it. He cancceled the race then people kept going on and on about it in ooc and kept bringing it up wich made nanaki mad then he left because of that.
"ADMINS!!! I'm in water again, need help!"
[Image: race-car-driver-fail.gif]
So like i said yesterday, sorry for what happens during this 2nd ISRC, i search to do 2 differents versions of ISRC and this one was a bad idea.

I did some "virtual" test before to look how much time we will spend for this version, but that was totally wrong.

The Real problem about the race i did yesterday, to "finish" the 2nd ISRC,is: just before we started it, i said, cops aren't allowed (to don't have any problems because i can't look on everything lonely with a race of 10 players). But some cops was in and put some SPike Strips at the middle of the road. 4 players rage quit, so the race was bugged.
I was really tired about these 3 hours of fails, and speaking for nothing when nobody listen. So that's why i leave without prevent.

Thanks so for who finished it.
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