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My Ban Appeal.

DISCLAIMER: I do not even know if I am banned, this is just a public apology.

Your In Game Name: Chris

Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:56228570

Your steam community link:

Date of Ban: As said i’m not sure if it’s a ban, it was many many months ago if so.

Reasons of Ban (If you don't know why, join our TS3 server to get a reason): Disrespect.

Screenshot of Ban (when you attempt to connect): No screenshot, haven’t tried to log in.

Tell us your side of the story, (provide proof if necessary): I don’t have a side to my story, what I did was completely wrong there is no point arguing what I did as I totally did everything wrong and should have never done so. This is why i’m here.

Why should you be unbanned? (Merged a few questions): 

Dear Excalibur Networks Community,

My name is actually Chris although my forum name may be confusing and I am an ex-admin (maybe above) of Excalibur Networks and I am here to apologise to Electroz especially.

Many, many months ago, I applied to ExcaliburNetworks after an event with the Owner and myself months previous. I got accepted and I was extremely lucky to get a second chance from Electroz and DJ.

I had a good first few days, I was acting calm, controlled and managed to go up the ranks due to my consistent activity, fairness etc.

I then went and messed it up, and all I can say is that I was completely in the wrong and I ask for forgiveness, I don’t even ask for a pardon or unban if you don’t want to trust me again. 

I told Electroz many things that I shouldn’t have told him, much of what I said was in bias to DJ’s views and many comments made by me were explicitly rude. 

I have felt like an imbecile since then, I counted Electroz as one of my best friends over the internet at a time, as I was part of a dark place and to lose that friendship really hurt, and all I could do would blame myself.

A lot of the reasons that I lost my control was due to in real life problems, that I shouldn’t have let out of my hands and I should have never taken it out of one of the kindest and most forgiving people I knew.

All I can ask is that you forgive me, and I know that will be hard. I perfectly accept that I do not deserve forgiveness.

Should I get forgiven, to prevent it from happening again, I will just gather my feelings and explain them in  civil fashion

If I get banned from the forums or anything, Electros, please just know I’m sorry for what I did. 

I hope we can talk soon,

Just a follow up,

After checking if I am banned on the server; It seems I am, all the information is "Unknown" though

Here is a screenshot of my Ban Screen:

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