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2nd Illegal Street Racing Championship

Welcome to the 2nd NFS RP Illegal Race Championship

° Rules Of this Championship:

- This Event start this Saturday 21th at 21H30 GMT+1 / UTC +1, thanks to look your TimeZone to be here at time.
- This event will be done in approxiamtly 2H.
- This championship will be in 4 races with a point system. Each Races will be in 5 laps.
- For every races, we will have a Time trial part, to place you on the starting line. Only 1 lap, only one chance.
- If you aren't on the server or ready for the time trial, you will be placed at the back of the starting line.
- Thanks to go on the Starting Line only if we call you.
- You are allowed to fix and refuel your car during a race if you have a crash.
- Cops are allowed to chase you during this event

- Caution: You can be automaticly eliminated for
1) If you Start before the go to win some seconds on the starting line. Stay fair with everybody, thanks you.
2) Arguing or disturbing a race.
3) Insulting another players.
4) You call a friend to rammed your ennemies during a race.
5) Moving and CDM (on purpose or not), when you are not in race.
6) Changing of car during the event
7) You don't respect Rules of the server during this event

° How to register to this event:

Reply on this post with:
- Your Name IG:
- Car you will use for this event (only one):
- If you have a crew, write here if you drive for it or not, and Which one

The last moment to register is this Saturday at 18h UTC +1 / GMT +1

° Races / Point system / Rewards:

Red: Starting line / Finish line
Green: Parking spot
Grey: the way
Black: Road Block
Caution: tracks can change a bit before the event! I need to test it to look on the time.

[Image: 6873421strace.jpg]
[Image: 9065902ndRace.jpg]
[Image: 6507943rdRace.jpg]
[Image: 8503874thRace.jpg]

Point System (for less than 10 players):
Tips: To win some points, you need to finish the race in time (30 sec max after the first racer). And It's an advantages to finish first and faster, because another players behind you will not win some points.

1st: 9 points
2nd: 6
3rd: 4
4th: 2
5th: 1

For this event, we will give rewards to the top 3 players, maybe more if we have more than 10players. And Rewards can change during the week.
1rst: 400k
2nd: 200k
3rd: 100k
4th 50K

° Staff / Stewards:

If Some players or admins want to register to help me on this event, they can.
I just ask to these members to be on the server 1 hours before the event.

- Nanaki Revers
- Sara Cooper
- Taylor Strife

° Players registered (1racers actually):

- TFK Nanaki Revers / Porsche 918 Spyder
- TFK Ken kaneki / TDM laferrari
- TFK Sasha grey / Porsche 918 Spider
- TFK Grey Sasha / Porsche 918 Spyder
- TFK Daniel OBrien / TDM Laferrari
- TFK Villix Hunter / Nissan GTR Nismo
- TFK Vincent Valentine / Nissan GTR Nismo
- TFK Jack Castellano / GTR black edition
- TFK Paul Walker / Porsche 918 Spyder
- TFK Turbo Bandit / GTR R35 Black Edition

- Bushido Sato Takuma / Ferrari F12
- Bushido Richard Adams / Porsche 918 Spyder
- Bushido Jacob Agnelli / LaFerarri

- 21st Takumi Fujiwara / Lykan hypersport
- 21st Taylor Strife / Lw LaFerrari
- 21st Jared Hoffman / Porsche Carrera GT
- 21st Johhny Sins / TDM LaFerrari
[Image: 323624SignatureNFSRP1.jpg]
Name: Takumi Fujiwara
Car: Lykan Hypersport
Steam id: STEAM_0:1:95567086
[Image: tumblr_ne9ve0uU721srtrv3o1_500.gif]
See you on the streets.
Name ; Sasha Grey
Car ; Porsche 918
Steam Id : STEAM_1:1:76404733
Name: Ken Kaneki
Car: LaFerrari
steam id: STEAM_0:0:160265895
Racing for TFK
name ; grey sasha
car : 918
steam id ; STEAM_0:0:94117284
Name: Daniel OBrien
Car: TDM Ferrari LaFerrari
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:84324331
Gang: TFK
I may help you with the race nanaki
Sara cooper i will be on all day.
We have 2 modifications this event:
- We will start this event 30min later, at 21H30 GMT+1 / UTC +1
- Race number 1 is a bit modify:
[Image: 8503874thRace.jpg]

Sorry for that.

And thanks sara for your help Wink
[Image: 323624SignatureNFSRP1.jpg]
IGN: Vilix Hunter
Car: Nissan GTR Nismo
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:32739757
Crew: TFK Pro
Great post again Nanaki, you're going to surpass me on reputation at this rate.
The Best Forum Manager In The World

[Image: v1.png]

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