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Shoutbox Rules

Shoutbox Rules

              1.01 Discrimination towards any cultural beliefs will be taken severely, satire or not.
              1.02 Discriminating any other user or Staff Member is forbidden.
              1.03 The Shoutbox is not the place to put reports on other users or staff members.
              1.04 Do not advertise any out of Excalibur Networks.
              1.05 Do not advertise any applications such as "Staff Applications"
              1.06 No racism within the Shoutbox, or the entire forums for that matter.
              1.07 The Shoutbox is not the place for ranting, same goes to ranting about our servers.
              1.08 The only language that may be spoken within the Shoutbox is English.
              1.09 Do not ask for ranks, on the forums, on a server. Nowhere.
              1.10 No spamming in the Shoutbox.
              1.11 No posting links to websites with malicious intentions (IP grabbers etc). 
              1.12 No posting links containing content that do not abide by the "Global Forum Rules"
              1.13 Trolling/Aggravating other users is not permitted.
              1.14 Do not deliberately spam caps lock, example: "MY CAPS LOCK IS BROKEN" or "Hi GuYs My NaMe Is BaRrY sCoTt"
              1.15 Being a "Smart geezer" and intentionally satirising rules to try to avoid a ban will lead to a ban. 
              1.16 No impersonating users or staff members.
              1.17 No flaming
              1.18 No phishing.

Violation of these rules will result in:

  • Warning.
  • Account Ban.
  • Account Suspension.
  • Ban from Shoutbox.
  • IP/IP Range being banned.
  • Shout being deleted/edited.
  • Account being limited to access to certain features.
  • Any other punishment necessary.

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