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Crew Rules

1. A crew war can only be done if the Leader and/or Co-Leader of the involved crews are online, are not AFK and agree with the war.
2. Each crew who is involved in the fight needs to to have a minimum of 4 members online to steal one of their cars or kidnap one of their members.
3. Every RP action must be announced in global (/global) when necessary. This means when a war is starting or when you have captured a car or member.
3.1 You may do the negotiations in advert (/ad) chat.
3.2 A hostage is not allowed to have a gun when captured.
3.3 You may kidnap/carjack someone from a rival crew once every 30 minutes.
3.4 You can only ask up to $ 50.000 for a hostage or a car.
4. If the hostage or car is taken, you may only fight the crew members which were involved and only with a maximum of 5 minutes after the last action.
5. If you are not involved in the negotiations, you can't join in the RP situation.
6. Races are the recommended way to solve your fights.
7. You must listen to the highest ranked crew member online.
8. The leader and/or co-leader may give you tasks while they are offline.
9. A crew leader may kick you out of the crew with a valid reason.
10. You may go to another crews house, but must always leave when asked.
11. Entering a rival crews house is forbidden unless asked to enter or there is a raid.
12. As a crew you may organize a battle (race) against another crew.
13. As a crew mechanic, you may only repair the cars of your crew. Not the ones of drivers, police or rival crews.
15. You may not mug anyone.
16. You cannot tell someone to kill anyone because of any reason.
17. Shooting a rival crew member without a reason is considered RDM.
18. You may raid the bank as a crew but not shoot any crew members.
19. While raiding the bank you may shoot rival crews and regular drivers that are a threat to protect yourself.
20. If you are not on the crew job you're not friends with them and don't have to respect/recognise them in RP.
New Rules as of 30/03/2017

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