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A Comeback? No, just some suggestions.

Hi everybody,

Sorry but this message isn't to announce a comeback or something like that. I left 4 month ago for some reasons and many things changes in my life, i don't got the time to play again on NFS RP.
But DJ calls me for the same reasons. As i will help this server one more time.
For DJ: i will not write in this post what we speak in private.
So, this post is about some suggestions about Staff / Community and how to don't have the same problems than before.
In this post, i will speak only about problems i met when i was on the server, maybe some things are ok now.

[*]Staff / Community management:

Description: As some of you know, many problems happens because of a problem of communication and activity of staff member.
This problems come from only a bad manangement of the staff team, communication with players and inside of the staff team.
Some things need to be add or modify.

  1. Community Management[b] / Communication with players:[/b]
    One of the first problem was the communication under players and what happens on/to the server.
    Easy to understand: when you got a idea or something you work on, just give the information on the website or on the forum.
    you can get a good example of another Gmod community who did that well:

  2. Communication inside of the Staff:
    Same things approximatly with staff member. If you take a Staff mananger again, he need to create some meeting with his staff member (not a lot: once every 2 weeks or once per month), just to speak about news, ban, rules, ect ect.
    For example: when you had some problems with crews, speak with every staff member just to find an answer.
  3. Recruting before reopening the server and respect a line:
    Some of you will say: "but it was done, no?" And no, it wasn't when i was on the server.
    Everything is explain in this title. You need 3 or 4 guys with you before reopening this server DJ:
    - A staff manager
    - 2/3 admins / moderators
    Choose them well, the staff mananger will work with you directly and need to spend time like you did on the server.
    Then create a line of evolution inside of your staff, for example:
    - A trial moderators need to be active during 2 weeks without any bad thing to become moderators
    - A moderators need to be active during 1 MORE month to become admin
    - One Super admin only (or 2 if the staff team become big): will be choose by staff manager and Owner and the old SuperAdmin if it's needed, then asking another staff member if it's ok.
    (i suggest to do the same things for event part, but event mananger can be useless, every staff can prepared event)

    One event mananger can be selected too. But the Staff manager can do it too in first time before finding a good event manager.

[*]2° Update / Servers / Forum

Description: Like i said before, it would be good to communicate about update and everything before updating the server.
But it's not the only one things to do:

  1. Testing your update / Slow Down an update if it doesn't work correctly
    I'm not a dev, i know. But as you know, the server got many problems of lags just because at a moment you did many good update, was great for players, but we never found where problems come from.
    So for your next update, you can do the same things than we did on a different gamemod:
    *) Don't send too much update too fast, one every 2-3 months MAX is totally enough for players i think. That can be more slow
    1) Got a testing server with exactly the same things than on the main.
    2) The day before an update, call every Staff member and maybe some players just to test during 1 hours or 2 to test.
    3) If it works, then update the main.
    4) And if you got some report on the main, remove the last update and send one by one every files to know where the problems come from. This thing can be done during the night or when not a lot of players are on the server.

  2. If you create something or adding something, finish it to be usefull before working on something different.
    Just an example will be enough: Cops!
    When i was on the server, many players wait during a really long moment to see cops alive by selected a Police Chief like a crew leader.

  3. [b]Use the forum a bit more:
    [/b]Nothing special to say, like i explained before, the communication with player can be more important, and the forum can be use for that.

Before reopening the server:

When the server will be back in a new version, lot of old players will be back if you do that well.
- Communicate 1 or 2 weeks before reopening it on the forum. Then old players got the time to see that and transmit to old friends. Like you did on your last message about "futur of excaliburnetworks"
- Prepared an event with your staff just for the opening night. Would be great i think and funny if you do that well Wink. That can be everything, not obligated to do a race.

(only my own view) What can be great on the server:

- If everybody restart as a new players (would be good i think), readjust price of every cars. To do that: you can call old good racers of the server (maybe you don't like some of them, but you don't care for that, it's just to start with a good server).
F12, for example, at 300k only when a 918 spyder and a laferrari was at more than a million, hmmm :/.
Don't build some things who willl be like DarkRP. Robbing the bank can be good. Rivalities under crew too. A system of rewards when a player get chased by cops and if they don't get arrested can be good too, but they don't have to fight with a gun.
- Stay on a map than everybody GMOD players know, you will have more players if they don't have to download a map i think.
- Create some Rules for Crew Leader / co-leader to don't let a crew dead. For example: if a leader didn't come back on the game during a week without preventing staff member, a new one will be selected under co-leader or member of this crew by staff.
- Special Job: MostWanted Member, if you got a good memory, i spoke about that a really long time ago, and that can create a good rivalities under players and a challenge.
Players can do that lonely. Just an admins have to give the rank and remove the rank to some.

And you already know what i wait to you personnaly DJ, but this will stay private.

Good Luck to the NEW NFSRP and call me when the server will be open for the first day. I will be there just to say hello.
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Nice suggestions nice to see your input again on the server
"ADMINS!!! I'm in water again, need help!"
[Image: race-car-driver-fail.gif]
+ Nice format.
- Bad English Big Grin
Excalibur TS:
Steam Profile

Now this is a paragraph.

but learn English fuck me
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that's cool
It would be nice if we could have a different approach to the server, get inspiration from other games, such as Most Wanted. It would be cool to have that whole sytem in place, and also having specific locations for certain cars, where they can be bought or "carjacked" for a certain amount of money. A new map would also be cool, to chnage thinsg up a lil.
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