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Future of Excalibur Networks

i really want need for speed back because that was the only server i went on to play and good luck on your new job and the future ahead
Np bbe
[Image: qDFSRX5.png]
What happened to that server..Why did they close it??

We all got bored is the short answer.

Applications were left for weeks/months without any answers.

Various people including Myself were making posts which did not get any response.

Too many people left which I think is the main reason to be fair. We were left without events, a staff manager and crew leaders.

All these together led to the server becoming funded by solely the owner, which caused it to finally close.

I'm sure whatever DJ is working on at the moment is going to be worth the wait. I'm sure he is working hard to bring out a new server. You are just going to have to wait, just like the rest of us.
TFK Leader

-Ingame name of Randy Orton.

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