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Wake up call

This has been bothering me and a few others lately. More and more people have been trying to help DJ and others to give suggestions about the server but have either been blocked or ignored. There are so many things that have been promised but never given. I think its time for either someone else to take charge or for the devs and staff team to crack down on the current issues. 


1.  No event manager, this leads to a pretty monotonous game play, where you don't really get to race

2. Owners not giving as much attention, this has even got to the stage where one has left, although we do love you, you have to pay more attention and play with us Smile

3. The Ban hammer getting twitchy. There are lots of old timers who have been banned for reasons that shouldnt be banned. The owners should and will have to expect some level of criticism but people keep seeming to get banned for trying to give advice and criticism. Instead of rejecting it, take it in and keep it to help expand the server

4. Forums are pretty much abandoned. There are tons of apps which have been left. Another issue is that once accepted they may not even get their rank. For example, Nitacle was made Event Manager but never actually received it.

5. Lack of support for crews other than TFK. 21st and Bushido have been left deserted, with 21st without a leader, and bushido without anyone now, these crews need revamping.

Overall, I think the server needs alot of help now, it has been damaged too much and may even be beyond repair. I believe that the server may now be lost and along with it so many memories. The only thing I think could save it is a whole new staff team and more events and new systems, maybe even a server reset. Thats enough of my rant, but i just wanted to get my word out there :/ lets hope the server comes back
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You may have not seen my reply to Richards post where I typed it in Portuguese. I basically said that it's pretty much too late and it's time to move on.

Apparently DJ is busy with his new job which is fair enough but when a server is on its knees like this one is now, you need to give it as much attention as possible. Sadly, there's only dj that can really work on the server so not much can happen.
maybe the server needs to change hands...
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(07-17-2017, 11:00 PM)Torey Wrote: maybe the server needs to change hands...

The community has came back to what it was a year or so ago. DJ was doing so well around November-February, the server and community was at its highest peak. If DJ does want to bring the community back to those times, he's gonna have to work as hard as he did around a year ago to have a chance to revive this corpse. That is all.
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