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To the guys above.

Im somewhat sure that you have been reading the posts that people have made. You have changed people's lives by making and maintaining this server. The amount of money and time that you have spent on this small community of small people is something you should definitely be proud of. You actually managed to get people to get emotional over a server, that in the harshest way possible, is just, like many people know it to be and have described it, boring.

Its impossible for a server to live forever. I have 2.1k hours on Garry's Mod and I have seen so many communities die off, forums left to be ghost towns, disappearing off the grid completely. I still remember the first time I bought and played Gmod. I was so fucking excited. I had been watching Vanoss and Nanners for a long time so the only perception I had of it was Prophunt, TTT and other stupid shit. I never had the idea that it had so much! One of the first communities I "joined" was a TTT server. I made so many frenimies there. We would talk shit to each other and crack some jokes. Me, a fucking 14 year old was actually making 20+ year olds laugh. Believe it or not, managment hasnt changed and its still alive by the name of Anex TTT. Last time I joined, they told me my balls had finally dropped. Cunts xD

I also remember the first time I played in DarkRP, a gameplay where you actually had to communicate to other people to progress. My 14 year old self, played as a cab driver for 2 weeks straight, because I didnt want to do illegal shit. I even obeyed the traffic lights!!! People kept running off after I had given them a ride, so I still remember the thrill of buying my first gun, a shitty 1k revolver. Lost it almost instantly. Once I realised the guys around me didnt get their Ferrari's from cab driving and police dutty, I grinded like a mad man to get a 450. Thing is, when I actually got it, the server closed the following day. Admins were probably laughing at me, being the only one on, printing like crazy, or maybe they didnt care. What I know is that shit made me sad. I got to drive it around, and even made a "Parking Lot for Supercars Only!" Dupe. Never got to use it. Its not that people stopped playing that made me sad, it was the fact that they didnt say shit that made sad.

I have seen many communities come and go. So much so I actually to used to it and started trolling more. I preferred to not get myself too involved in a server or I might spend too much time on something that will die eventually. That changed when I saw NFS RP. And then here we are. I knew this time would come. I thought it would die on Rockford after my many failed attempts at changing the map.

But I guess it will die on Paralake. There is no doubt in my mind about it, it will and, frankly, must die.

Only one thing I ask of you. Dont just leave. Say something. Anything. Dont leave us to wonder on what you are doing. I understand that you might wanna give up on this project and never look back. Too hard to deal with people and we might not even understand what you are going through right now. But you understand what we are going through. This feeling of darkness and not knowing shit is just depressing. So say something.


In case you ever get the chance to read this Robin:
Next time you make a server on Gmod, actually play it and get yourself involved with the players who actually play it. That way, you ensure that there is a healthy realationship of communication between the whole server, better optimization and addons that are actually what people want and, to make sure, that it isnt a boring piece of shit. Goodbye.
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Mas não vale a pena, nada vai mudar. Para eles o server já morreu. Nos tentamos, e tentamos bastante mas acabou. Parece que ta na hora de seguir em frente.
Ya, eu acho que ja percebi isso. oh well
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The silence is saddening...

[some extra other language text here which i wouldn't understand]
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To those interested:
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From what I've heard I believe DJ is taking a break and was inactive before this leaving train because he was busy with a new job.
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