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My Journey


I guess I just want to continue from what Richard said, Like he said, I don't know why, I just feel its appropriate in this current state.

The thing that bought me to the server was the cars, so many, so shiny, so expensive, so many that I wanted and adored. Starting out a Motorsport diploma in the September previously outside of the server, I thought I would get to meet so many like-minded people which have the same interests as myself. 

I started my adventure back in April, I started out and met another guy like me, just starting out. This chap was in 21st and showed me where everything was, what to do, how to make money, what you could do in the server. Freddie Ganton I believe he was called. I met so many amazing people at the start, one of which was Pol Lokar. Pol actually gave me 300k, which at the time for me was a tonne of money, and I went and sold my 350z and bought a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X. I still have the same car to this day. Freddie was the one who persuaded me into 21st and got me to do the tryouts. I succeeded first time thanks to the Lancer and the money that Pol had given me. I loved everything about being in 21st at the time, the hype of being the crews fresh recruit. I loved it. 

I then met a guy called Josh Berrey. You see, Josh and I were both starting out still, and we both didn't have much cash. We sort of teamed up together, and we spent hours throughout the day down at the docks, and I bought the lancer down to the beach, and we took it in turn to chose songs on the radio, and we would fish. For hours we went on, each with our eyes set on a different reward. It took me about a week to buy my dream car. My favourite car of all time. The Ford Capri. I loved everything about it. The looks, the noise, the speed. As Ford said in the original advert, it was the car that you'd always promised yourself.

Once I bought my Capri, I begun to rise through the ranks of 21st. I stayed at semi-pro for a while, as I had stopped the fishing with Josh for a while. I stuck with the Capri, and drove it 24/7. The races went past, and I was loving the server, so much that I had achieved, but there was still a mountain of possibilities that I could climb. Eventually making it up to 21st mechanic, I met a bunch of guys from different crews that I have to thank each and everyone of them. I entered a race on one evening, and entered with my beloved Capri. I was put up against Takumi Fujiwara in his Pagani Zonda, me vs a Bushido Co-Leader. The Capri did it after a fantastic race, and the legacy has sort of stayed with it since.

Then after this, the server sort of died off for me. The map was old, and I knew it so well, that races and corners were just sort of something i've already done- Thank you Ayron for your hard work. The never-ending ladder to just get a new car. It was just getting so boring. You kept seeing the same things, the same cars. The only reason I really stayed after this was because of the people, and still pretty much for the same reason today. Once the new map was announced,  the hype was sort of restored. TFK and Bushido were getting reset, sort of giving us a semi-new server. The new map came, but the hype soon died off. So plain, not many good corners, with most just being right angled corners. Yes there was some sort of hype but it quickly died off, and not really seen again until the slot machines were added. Still to this day getting 3 bonus times in one spin is one of my personal highlights. 

This is the part of where I gave the new leader of TFK an offer, and I have major respect and thanks for the guy. Zeinox Strife. Thank you. You had trusted me with co-leader and for that I am extremely grateful. Learning the ropes of how to build a tryout, how to manage and promote crews. Again, the server for me was restored to one of its higher points. Fairly recently, Zeinox had to leave for his exams, and he trusted me with taking over his leadership. I have been in charge of TFK for over 2 months now, and I am extremely happy with the progress of the crew and the activity, and I am also very grateful to each and every one of my past and present co-leaders for everything you have done. You have done so much for me and I cannot thank you enough.

And then, here we are now really. 400 hours from that starting moment.

At this point I will become harsh, but fair.

I guess to sum this thread up, the server has been full of ups and downs, but I just feel that the server is currently at its lowest point. No new content, people leaving quicker than new players are joining, and I just cannot get in contact with any of the Owners. I have been trying for days. Its just a mess. Applications not answered, unfilled positions, ranks not given, inactive crews, suggestions not looked at. 

I just feel that this server is going down and is dying out. Part of me feels that I don't want it to die, but as Richard said the other part of me feels that it should have died along time ago.

Here is a list of people that I want to thank, some are old, and some are current players:

DJ        Electroz        Slaughter        James Bolton        Ayron        Freddie Ganton        Josh Berrey        Nitacle        Stealth        Scott Printers        Sato        Richard Adams        Taylor Strife        Shane Strife        Zeinox        Lemon Jones        Ralph Revers        Liam Revers        Mark McAdams        BA Rampage        Nick Necro        Vlad        Daniel Costa        Takumi Fujiwara        Bruce        Sara        Domer        Vincent Valentine        Bob Johnson        Bob Lancaster        

Note that this is not a leaving post, I just need some time away. I will still be on to promote people and perhaps run the crew, but I am away on holiday in a week, and will give you my verdict as to if I stay on this server or I go and find another community.

Thats a long story Smile Thanks for the ride, i hope that you do end up staying with the server and i hope that it brings itself around. I do agree with the harsh section, applications left for months and we still dont have an event manager, leaving us with little to do.
The biggest INNIT  of today is.... me
No, You are one of the most active people . I Fully agree something we hardly work for and being destroyed .. Something could have been avoided.
Randy is a great guy, he has no ranks and does events handles people . this guy deserves 1Bilion and Builder Rank
I love you Randy
The Best Forum Manager In The World

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Some proper deep shit man, what a journey you've had, and you deserve it all. Top lad fam, bigger roadman than me.

And it's sad that the last things you said are all true. It's being neglected a lot more than before and there's no one to take any action. Absolute shame.

Oh and zeinox is a snake still
Have a good break bro I hope the best for you I honestly hope you don't leave but I can't control if you do or not it's been a pleasure me being in Tfk as a co leader thankyou.
GTR fanboy! Ingame name: LJ Revers.
TFK: Co-leader.
[Image: tumblr_o2xs9n28V41rpdptuo1_500.gif]
It's been awesome having you mate, truly been amazing.
I really don't know what to say... When I first considered giving you such a high position, I had many doubts. I kept thinking maybe it'd be too much or what if something happens and TFK gets messed up again? But from the moment you got your role, you had been ace right off the bat. I was surprised to see how well you managed TFK, all the new members made me happy knowing you actually kept up with tryouts, the TFK events you planned for the crew too. You made TFK the top once again bro, that wasn't me or anyone else. That was you and your co-leaders. The crew was dead and you brought it up knowing your position was most likely temporary, and you still put in your best.

I really don't have any words man, Just so grateful and proud tbh Big Grin You done good booii lool

Thank you for being with us, it's been great playing with you. A shame it has to be like this, what you said about the server is true unfortunately Sad

Oh and sato is salty lel, I aint yo bitch :*
[Image: 7LdrdZU.png]
Ya had to continue the feels train didnt ya? You are an awesome guy, and everybody knows that. Thanks for being one of the reasons this server aint so bad after all.
[Image: sOhgJ55.gif] Git spooked

Thanks for all your support everyone Heart

Please note that this is not the end, I just need some time away.

I will be on for promotions.

If you need anything please message me.

TFK Leader

-Ingame name of Randy Orton.

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