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I'm leaving the server due to the current state of it. For example the server doesn't get restarted the map just gets boring and applications being "Accepted" or "Were going to talk about them but never happened" you get the point.

I'm not coming back unless the server gets turned around.

Thanks to these people:

Randy: For bringing the biggest INNIT of today

Lemon: Fucking Lemon

Scott: For boosting me on CSGO (With hacks :/ )

Stealth: Fuck 12

Sato: For making Bushido the best crew I'VE ever been in

Richard: For helping Sato and all round making the server better in some way

DJ/Robin: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Electroz: ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Pyro: Just a ricer tbh

Ayron/Nanaki: For making the race events that we all love.

Sara: Never really talked to you on Rockford but you seem chill on paralake

Zeinox: Safe G
[Image: f8ac3aad-cc20-4e3c-975e-fced88d876bd.gif]

We had our incidents with eachother and I think the community will really miss you same with me.
What he said
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inabit g
where's my recognition ;_; feelsbadman
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I hope you come back this isn't really a goodbye mate we will still play Smile
Tbh man we both had our problems and stuff but it's gunna be crap not having you around ahah hope you'll be back soon but speak soon.
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TFK: Co-leader.
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I was waiting for this
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bye bye bye XD
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