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Leaving the server... for now

well i suppose that the somewhat time ive been on was nice but i just cant be bothered to try and fix a mess without any resource or help so this is a Resignation to bushido leader and leaving the server for a while at least. i feel that the server is at point of no return in my opinion but i may be wrong. Its been nice meeting alot of you, others not so much but i feel like as leader im too dependant and that no help of revival is being given so im just gona walk a way see what happens and maybe come back if things get better so i leave you with this. (dont bother trying to ask me for my money or stuff becouse you are not getting it.)

thanks for the races.

Bob Lancaster, Jetfire
Well you are a leader, people are obviously going to depend on you to build the crew. And why not instead of quitting because you don't get help, you just at least try a little harder to make something work?

Anyways, was nice knowing you and best of luck to whatever you do in the future.

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