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Recently, after I found Scott was in that Anomaly video (top kek), I have been looking a lot more onto the server. I occasionally join just to see how it is doing (not well) and interact with some people I havent seen in some time.

Back in the day, the server was mostly the reason has to why I still played Gmod. DarkRP was boring as fuck, most RP was total faggot bullshit and minigames just arent what they were before (TTT, Prophunt). Im also a lonely fuck, which didnt help in that department. When I joined I saw a server with potencial, and since I was kinda getting nostalgia from playing PS2 with my older brother I decided to stick around and see what you did. However, besides the climb to a better car, the unachievable goal of getting one of those 14 million dollar supercars everybody was driving (looking at you, old school 21st, with your shit coloured cars). The community was meh, cause every single crew was big single coloured circle jerk that constantly threw shade at the other guys, all because they had differnt "tags", I guess. It was sorta fun to shit talk. BUT THE GRIND. I can endure grind, dont get me wrong. Playing WOW as a kid and other games that required me to do repetitive actions got me pretty used to the idea. But this is some other level. It has evolved (for the worst) as time passed. First my routine was to do NPC Spawn missions (the easy beer one in 7/11 and Food Market), then do a delivery, then a drug run and occasionally get ripped off by the Investor (I should have really used him when he gave out 100k left and right). OH and the shops! Those were awesome. It gave you a reason to have a bulkier car (you know, a real investment) and was a bit more interactive. Then the shops got removed, then the NPC.

Then I finally got my Ferrari. Then shit hit the fan with the crews. Then I hit Pro, so no need to "climb up the ladder", I already had done everything. Events were cool, but always the same shit, I already knew the turns to the map. No innovation could possibly flourish from the amazing minds of the Event Managers (shotout to Nanaki, he might have been a french prick most of the times, but he sure knew how to do a race)

My time on this server after I couldnt do much is just a load of "then's". There is nothing to do on the server. New map? Woho, hype died in like 1 week. Then it went back to normal. Quiet. The only reason why the server even stayed alive was cause there were so many people connected to that medium. Sure they could play other servers and other games, but their companionship started there. You just have to look in TS, people still use it. Its a nice way to speak to eachother. I have stopped talking to most of my friends from the server. There is no reason for me to do this, I like to play with them, but I just did. There was no reason to talk to Sato anymore about a prick who kept killing Bushido. There was no more reason for me to show off my decals. 

I dont why I decided to make this post. I guess its cause I dont want it to die, although some part of me thinks it should have died a long time ago.

Anyways, it was nice playing with all of you. It was nice racing with all of you. It was nice to call you cunts, laugh a fuck ton and do some random shit. Thanks.
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(07-12-2017, 04:45 PM)PumpkinPie Wrote:  There was no reason to talk to Sato anymore about a prick who kept killing Bushido. 

sad times
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that was deep and passionate
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I don't think anyone wants to see the server go down. People have spent too much time on it for it to just die, like I've spent over 600 hours on it (only to get perma banned aylmao) and it would be quite sad to see it die.

Being part of Bushido with most people was a really great time that will truly be missed if the server does end up going to shit which is why we do need some serious changes. lit post fam
link to video tyvm of scott
(07-13-2017, 12:49 AM)valmarile Wrote: link to video tyvm of scott

Excalibur TS:
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(07-13-2017, 01:57 AM)James Bolton Wrote:
(07-13-2017, 12:49 AM)valmarile Wrote: link to video tyvm of scott

fun fact: if you click 1 on your keyboard it goes to my review.
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I actually miss you dude, and all my other people that I met on the server, all that deep shit you just said didnt make it any better ;_;
One of my funnest times on the server was with bushido even when my own crew was going bust, and I really appreciate it Heart (no offence TFK lads haha, still love you all)
We did some pretty awesome things on the server. I actually enjoyed myself, something that only lasts for a few days when it comes to me. But on this server, I stayed for mooonths because I got hooked. To this day I still have no idea what it was, maybe the awesome community, or the cool cars, probably the uniqueness of decal competitions and race events which no other server could provide. It was hilarious, I had too much fun Big Grin

Things started changing though, and it just became a bit draining I guess. Coming on everyday pretending to be as excited as I was on my first week on the server, giving myself false hope that maybe today the server will surprise me once more like it used to. Maybe it's like this now because we have gone past the 'newcommer' stage, where we were discovering all the new things. How everything happening fascinated me and I wanted to try these different things out. Car meets/shows where we could show off our decals, demolition derby where some of us teamed up against the rest, drag races for money which is barely anything to me now bc im rich asf loool, race events where the managers would put in confusing turns and how everyone would ram at the start making us all fail the first turn! The server gave us sooo much and I really am grateful for all the efforts put in by the staff.

Like richard, I only came back to gmod and stayed after 5 years was because of this server. I still can't find any decent darkrp servers (the only other gamemode I played before nfs) everything had just become a bit bland :/ But this server gave me something different and that's what made it special. It's a shame to see it in this state and I really do wish for it the best because I've made some great memories on here, met some amazing people and seeing this actually kinda hurts uno.

I'm speaking too much fml, gl hf everyone. I shall go and play some counterstrike now and get rekt by nobs :^)
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