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A couple of things

+1 I have been trying to get in contact with dj so we can speak about these issues I will be trying to contact him tomorrow and handling some of these issues being we do not have a event manager, staff manager, or forum manager i would like to help him with the staff manager position and i will be working with him to find replacements for the others
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+1 i agree with everything said
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I was gonna come back and help him with the forums and stuff but he kinda blocked me lol.
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Literally you can fix most of these problems in about 1 hour.

- Give Liam Bushido leader, and Zack 21st leader. They are both fit for the job. They both have made applications for the crew leader, however, none of them have been looked at. Now that Bob has left, Liam can hold the Bushido Leader, as he was the only other one that did the tryout.

- Give Nitacle the event manager rank.

Dj, you said this on the 6th of June.

'We have been waiting for some comments on this since its a community job. We will have a talk about it in our next meeting.'

So am I right in saying there has not been a meeting since? Its been over a month now, and Nitacle is in teamspeak almost everyday.

- Zack and Sara are both interested in staff manager. Get them in teamspeak and decide for yourself who would be best.

DJ, we know you are busy, but its getting to that point where the player count is so low and i'm offering all the help I can to you but you never respond.

The community is dying, how many regulars have we lost in the past few weeks?
- James Bolton
- Bob Lancaster
- Zeinox
- Ayron left a few months ago now
- Scott, bless him

And I can see a ton more people leaving if none of these are sorted quickly.
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(07-15-2017, 10:33 AM)Torey Wrote: And I can see a ton more people leaving if none of these are sorted quickly.

It's gotten to the point where the server doesn't even have "a ton of people" anymore. It's so sad to see that on a Saturday morning there are only 3 (THREE) people online whereas a couple of months ago it would already be at around 10-15 maybe even 20 on a gd day. 

Either way, +1 to everything you said. Make it happen.

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