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Staff Application

Personal Info
Your name: David
Your in-game name: Sara Cooper
Your SteamIDSTEAM_0:1:30913099
Your location: Portugal
Your age: 19
Link to your Steam Profile

First language: Portuguese
Other languages (if any): English, spanish a bit of russian and french
Area of study: Engineer

Do you have a good quality microphone?: yes
Can your PC run the server without much lag?: Around 40 fps. +25 players in server 35 fps

Do you have prior experience as staff?: Yes
Are you currently staff elsewhere?: No
What staff positions have you had?: Trial moderator,Moderator,Admin,Vet Admin,Head Admin
What communities have you been staff with?: Excalibur networks
When did you leave and why?: I left cuz people tought i was a girl and was afraid that they would bann me or demote me.

How active can you be on the server?: 5 to 8 hours
How active can you be on the Teamspeak?: 5 to 8 hours
How active can you be on the forums?: 24H
When did you first play on the server?19/12/2016
How often are you on the server?: everyday

Server Knowledge
What can players roleplay as?: Cops,Crew members,tow truck drivers,drivers,Paramedics.
Can cops drive normal cars?: No
Are you allowed to steal cars from other players?: has a crew member you are allowed to steal other crew members cars for 10 minutes and ask for 10k.
How much does Nitro cost?: 18k
What vehicle upgrades can you buy?: Underglow,Nitro,Horns(Not sure Cuz doenst let me buy it ),Armor,hidraulics.
How can players make money?: Casino,Presents,Drug runs,races,events.
How do you unlock the money cases from heists?: It turns green when you get a distance away

Staff Situations
A new player joins and doesn't understand what to do. What do you do?: I would Tell him to read the Rules idk if the comand !motd stil works. i would take him to the car dealer and asnwer any question.
A cop is randomly tasering people in spawn. What do you do?: I would Froze him, go to a roof. bring him to a sit talk to him and ask why was he doing that and explain to him that he cant do that. i would just go with the verbal warning but i would do !spectate and see if he was going to do it again. if so i would Just warn him for Failrp and ask a super admin to remove his whitelist.
A player steals you car. What do you do?: It Depends. If im on my current crew position tfk amateur and he is from bushido or 21st i would rp and ask him for my car he can have it for 10 minutes nothing i can do about that either we would go guns blazing to get my car back or pay him the 10k he was asking part of rp. But if i was a driver ofc i would go on duty and tp to him and ask why hes he stealing peoples cars and explain its against the rules and ask him to read the rules with the following comand !motd.
Someone is swearing constantly in OOC. What do you do?: I wouldnt waste time and just !kick <PlayerName> . i Dont like trollers. If he comes back and keeps swearing would warn him.
A player is blocking the door of the gun store. What do you do?: i Would try talk to him firts.If he has nothing to say and keeps blocking the door i would freeze him and do !bring <PLayerName>. and warn him.
A cop is breaking into properties to search them without reason. What do you do?: Withouth a warrant he cannot do that, thats against the rules. i would stop his Rp and have a little chat with him.
A player walks up to you and randomly shoots you to death. What do you do?: have a sit with him, Would give him two choices. 1- explain why he did that and would give him a verbal warning or 2- warn him for rdm.
A player has killed 5 others in spawn. What do you do?: Like i said i dont like trollers, +5 is Mass RDM, Mass RDM for me means no sit just perma ban. 
Someone is ramming into other cars constantly. What do you do?: I would ask him to stop verbal warning, then i would do !spectate and would just keep an eye on him and if he keeps doing !bring have a sit and tell him im gona warn u for ramming cars on purpose and not listening to admins.

I agree that as a member of staff I will abide by all player and staff rules, and will remain as active as I claim I will be. I will respect not only those above me, but those below me too. I will be a valuable member of the team and help the server reach its full potential. 
Signed - David.
So Sum of your staff situation are a little harsh but most of the application is good and i think you would be a good addition to the team with a little training Big Grin
NFS Veteran Admin
21st Pro

[Image: rwCqmMa.png?1]

[Image: 1GVtIOI.gif]
Thank You for Your support Zack
+1 Hope we can get to talk more

Maybe help each other with staff things

Best of luck
Thank You for the support mark
Thank You for the Support Torey
+1 seems to know the rules well and deserves another chance as he didn't leave on bad terms.
NFSRP - Moderator

Thank You Cyrus and Lemon for the support

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