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Poll: Rebuild the whole server?
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NFS undergoing changes

I don't think this is a smart thing to do. There should be a change in the management | REFRESHMENT. But hey that won't happen as i see it now. Will it? I'm posting this because i'm hoping you're willing to listen to me and what i have to say. I want to help Smile

If i have to be honest this should happen:

Management refreshment,
Get an actual dedicated Super Admin,
Listen to the Community,
Dedicated Event Managers,
More ways to earn Money,

I have alot more to say but i will only do it if you're willing to Listen. Its just a pitty to see when i come on the only thing that happens is RDM

| If you're just MSG me on steam |
[Image: f01012945e9949edae16b19bf65cbbef.png]
I'll be pissed if money is reset, I'm rich for a reason and people are broke for the same reason, dedication. I didn't dedicate my time and effort for it to be stripped from because the people who can't be arsed to grind and get rich want to moan about being equal, it works the same IRL, the opportunity to get rich is there for everyone we all have access to the same methods of money weather you choose to dedicate hours to it like myself and many other players have done. It is purely your decision, I've done my time grinding and just wanna enjoy what I have accomplished on the server.
NFSRP - Moderator

Are you claiming i'm not a dedicated super admin? Seems funny coming from a demoted super, Please don't claim to have left on good terms cause you didn't we demoted you.

I've been dedicated to this server since i joined, Quickly becoming leader of 21st and keeping it alive while every other crew died more then once not to mention rising in the staff team to become the leader of the entire staff team.

I take a little time away and all hell breaks lose.
Excalibur TS:
Steam Profile

Another ryan idk why your saying stuff cause you got demoted and then got inactive when you where still head admin.

Also back to the topic I think it would be nice maybe for a new map idk about cars or anything cause the problem with this one is you couldn't do much variety in races cause there where lots of roads with dead ends like bushido so u cant do any laps so if there is lots of loops and lots of roads connecting to eachother in the next map that would be good.  I will not vote due to me not going on the server.
"ADMINS!!! I'm in water again, need help!"
[Image: race-car-driver-fail.gif]
He has just under 600 hours played on the server and we are just gunna fire shots at Ryan and not listen to what he has to say? Sounds like more bad can come from good with that...
TFK Leader

-Ingame name of Randy Orton.

[Image: 559D05C3CC5F002DFE7C7E68776D7A3E504303BC]
Man said keeping it alive. The only thing you did at 21st was overcrowd your crew with a bunch of shitters hoping that at least one of them would turn out good. The only people that I can remember that were actually decent was Nick, Daniel and Randy, other than that you just had a packed crew that were minges and had minimal intention to RP.

You had maybe twice, or even triple the people of both the other crews and 21st was still in Bushido's shadow, as well as TFK after it was revived.
Sato please tell me in what part of my comment did i ever say anything about 21st being the best.

You walk a very fine line i will not tolerate you here for much longer.
Excalibur TS:
Steam Profile

Please tell me where I talked about you talking about 21st being the best. My reply was about you saying that you kept 21st alive, which in my opinion, you didn't.
There is a difference between criticising and attacking/disrespecting/provoking someone. Criticism is completely fine as long as you don't do it in an attacking, disrespecting or provoking way.
We are playing playing a game here, no need to fight about that. Treat each other with respect and if you don't agree with someone tell him or ask a staff member for help, don't go shouting it in public places as this is only to attack that person instead of solving it.
I do not think that simphys should take over tdm cars/lw cars and sgm cars a map change sounds great but the restart does not sound like a good idea it might drive alot of players away

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