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Poll: Rebuild the whole server?
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NFS undergoing changes

Hello Excalibur Members,

We have been, especially me, less active lately on the server. This is because I have been really busy with irl things and with my potentially new job which I will need to pay my bills. This does not mean I haven't been working on the server but a lot of things I did were on the background. 

After some thinking about the future of the server we have come up with a new idea and would like to have your input on this.

Our plan for the new server is as following, we will be replacing all cars with simfphys cars and change the map to a (partially) custom made one.
With this the whole server will be rebuild from scratch and thus reset. 
There is also a possibility where we stick with VCMod + Photon and redo the whole server.

There is lots of other features we would like to add but those cost a lot of money which we currently don't have. Also when we don't meet the minimum requirement this month of 200 euros the server will be shutting down. Though this amount of money still wouldn't allow us to get new addons or order custom things.

If everyone is positive about this we will need some people for the closed beta stage of the server.
Let us know in the comments what ideas you have and if there is anything you would like to add. Also you can volunteer yourself to be a beta tester and we will make a selection.

We will look for a suitable solution to refund all the money everyone has.
If we do not reset the server it will mean that not much will and can be changed. If we can reset the server the loading times and crashes will be way less and also a possibility to add more things to do.

Ps. on steam there will be a giveaway with the announcement of this.
I like the rest of the ideas but the simphys one, no just no they're fully dog shit
[Image: f8ac3aad-cc20-4e3c-975e-fced88d876bd.gif]

-1!!!!!! PLEASE THOSE CARS HANDLE TERRIBLY AND CAUSE LAG LIKE MAD! Also do not reset server as alot of people have worked hard (i.e i have spent around 1 year on this server to get the money!) and people have paid for it! Photon could be a good idea as cops will get more vehicles, however it lags hard
The biggest INNIT  of today is.... me
- Not sympheys cars, as lemon said I really dont like them.
- New map change is sounding good.
- Reset the server does not sound good, if this means that we loose all money and we loose all crew placements, then definetly not. As Lemon said Ive grafted so hard just to get where I am now, and the stocks have ruined the economy.
- Phonton sounds dank.
TFK Leader

-Ingame name of Randy Orton.

[Image: 559D05C3CC5F002DFE7C7E68776D7A3E504303BC]
I've tried simfphys out and they don't lag at all, they actually handle pretty fun and have a lot of nice extra features (different wheels, shifting, drifting and more).

Also the server when the server will be reset there will be a compensation for the amount of money you had.
Keeping the server as it is right now drastically limits what I can do with it. Restarting the server with 1/3 of the amount of cars will reduce load time and stop crashes.
-1 everyone says the car pack is absalute terribad so terrible and bad also plus a full reset will make current players leave after losing 12 mill or so of hard erned cash ( cough,cough, me) also a full crew reset would end in argument and disorder more than the one i had togo through but this is just my opinion and thaughts ( a plus one possibly from me if changes are made to fit the current player base and to gain a new one as well)
Does that include the money we spent on cars?
The biggest INNIT  of today is.... me
What i would do is (if it gets enough votes) tryout simfphys and if people dont like it remove it because they're fun to mess around with (i've also suggested that idea to you but didnt like it that much)
[Image: f8ac3aad-cc20-4e3c-975e-fced88d876bd.gif]

(07-02-2017, 04:56 PM)Nitacle Wrote: What i would do is (if it gets enough votes) tryout simfphys and if people dont like it remove it because they're fun to mess around with (i've also suggested that idea to you but didnt like it that much)

There is no way of simply trying it out, I would have to make a lot of modifications to do so. It is way easier if you just check it out in singleplayer.
I'm fine with all ideas but I don't really play this server anymore however I really enjoyed my time on it. If everything gets reset I will play again for sure to get a new (amazing) experience Big Grin.
If this happends i think everything should be reset, also money, so everyone gets a fresh start. But what you should do, is refund all of the money people paid for the server (Like I donated for vip, then refund the money I got from it. And also with bought ingame money, just so that people keep donating and won't stop donating right now, because if people stop donating because of this announcement and are afraid of their bought ingame money being reset soon they won't purchase ingame items anymore.)
I don't know any of these cars, but new experiences are most of the time amazing.

Damn i spent a lot of time on writing this and it's not even proper grammar. xd

edit: lol i see my forum rank hasnt even been edited yet xD
[Image: h62B09C77]
ex 21st co-leader

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