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my car has disappeared?


Screenshot of my garage:
Screenshot of the Auctioneer:
Screenshot of dropmoney / checks written logs +
Date: 29/05/2017
Time: 01:14AM
Timezone: GMT+0
Amount of money: 12,000,000
In-Game name: Cyrus Kayne
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:208044665

Basically i had my Lykan on for sale at the auctioneer, i removed it earlier on but the server has been in downtime (wasn't a lot of players) and DJ was showing us cars so we were just messing around, his game crashed so he went off and mine did too but i joined the server back, i then went to collect my car to find it wasn't in my garage, i then thought oh maybe i left it in the auctioneer by accident however to my surprise it wasn't there either. i know this seems like a pretty stupid and made up story but it isn't, all logs can prove i haven't sold the car or given the money to my friend and lied or whatever. i understand this will need to be looked into deeply to assure i'm not lying but honestly i'm not!

PS. I'm pretty sure everyone on the server who knows who i am can vouch for me that i had this car (staff members and such). however i am unsure if i have any hard proof of actually owning it but surely somewhere in the logs this will be shown.
NFSRP - Moderator

He let me drive his car, Ralph was also in it with me whilst I was driving away. As well as one of the cops online at the time who was hunting me, forgot his name Tongue

[Image: 7LdrdZU.png]
The addon is made so that cars don't disappear and that if you are not on it will give you your money as soon as you are on.
It is highly unlikely that you lose a car out of nothing.
If you did lose your car that means that there is a critical bug in the auction NPC.
(05-29-2017, 10:51 PM)DJReFor Wrote: Solved

NFSRP - Moderator

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