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Donald's Staff Application.

Personal Info
Your name: Donald 
Your in-game name: Donald Kay
Your SteamIDSTEAM_0:0:31700656
Your location: United States of America, Florida. (EST)
Your age: 19 (I turn 20 tomorrow)
Link to your Steam Profile

First language


Other languages (if any)

I speak minimal Spanish (particularly from a Central American dialect)

Area of study

Information Technology, Leadership Studies via ROTC studies, Plans of studies in Cryptology for the U.S. Military (decision between U.S. Air Force or U.S. Navy)

Do you have a good quality microphone?

I have a Corsair VOID RGB headset, it's minimally damaged as my cats bit my wires, I'm purchasing one this following Tuesday to compensate for my shit mic.

Can your PC run the server without much lag?:

My PC can run 30-60fps on a constant on an average day. If there is a server full of people it's usually 20-40fps but still operable.

Do you have prior experience as staff?

I am as seasoned as it gets as far as being an adamantly strong, and enforcing an Administrator should be. To put it this way I've gotten 9k+ hours on Garry's Mod on 4 accounts total, of course they've all been compromised from hacking or me simply forgetting my password. The one that's in my information is my most latest account and has the largest chunk of my proclaimed 9k+ hours.

-I have owned and ran a collective of 11 servers ranging from DarkRP, to PERP, to HL2RP, TTT, Jailbreak. However that list mostly comprises off of Roleplay based scripts and was between Garry's Mod and San Andreas Multiplayer... What I say below this message is experience from simply administrating for and not owning.

I have administrated for a variety of PERP communities, my most recent one was for Imperial-Community. I was the Staff Overseer and third in charge of the entire hierarchy of the server itself(I was pretty important in other words). It only took me 7 months of straight dedication and motivation to achieve my rightful spot. 
I continue to go on about my HL2RP administration experience. To provide a bit of background from my first time ever being on HL2RP was with a man now renowned for his gamemode "NutScript", Chessnut, at the time his name was Hyperion. This was also around the same time frame I was an administrator for PERP 2.0 on a server named "Gaming Lair RP" for an owner named Jay. Continuing on, I've got to administrate for NOVA RP (1 of chessnut's 40 communities he ran and quickly shut down). I've then gone to VortexRP and then to own a community named YpsilonRP, in partnership with Whoop and Duspende, two veteran members for Imperial-Community, better known as AsteriskGaming.
My most recent administrative duties was for a community known as DamnationRP, pretty much a modded DarkRP to be as close to PERP as possible. I was the Head Staff of the server's council and also Head Staff of the entire staff team as a whole. I even went as far as to meet the owner in person as him and I lived relatively close to each other.

Are you currently staff elsewhere?

Currently no.

What staff positions have you had?

-Server Owner
-Server Co-Owner
-Project Manager
-Senator of the Community
-Senior Administrator Lead
-Senior Administrator
-Administrator Lead
-Trial Administrator
-Project Manager

What communities have you been staff with?

Disclaimer, I've got not much recollection of EVERY single community I've been staff with but I can try to give as much as possible, as expected.
- Gaming Lair RP 
- Heaven's Hell Gaming (co owned with friend just another DarkRP server)
- Vexus Gaming
- Reality Roleplay (San Andreas Multiplayer server I owned)
- DamnationRP 
- YpsilonRP
- Imperial-Community 
- Vortex Gaming
- Roleplay Republic

I'm extremely apologetic for the lack of the rest for which I've claimed to administrate for. It's just hard to cite my doings from 5 years plus and I've never expected to have been asked this.

When did you leave and why?

To cover up a sum of pretty much all of the server I've listed was due to the server being shutdown from lack of money to pay for it in the first place. 
The two others, Imperial-Community and Gaming Lair RP were for two separate reasons.
Imperial-Community I was relieved due to essentially a massive coup of the Staff to remove me because I was the one who didn't seek benefit and rather fought for our policies and rule sets. 
Gaming Lair RP was the first server I ever administrated for and was relieved because I was.. to be honest quite garbage.

How active can you be on the server?

My schedule typically allows me to be on evening times and at night times for people in the EU. As I'm clearly several timezones behind the actual server's location. So to reiterate evening / late night EU times.

How active can you be on the Teamspeak?:

As I've stated in my prior applications, via police, I'm as active on TS as I am on NFSRP.

How active can you be on the forums?:

I frequently check my phone for updates on topics such as suggestions, ban requests, etc. I mostly do it via on my phone.

When did you first play on the server?:

I don't know the exact date as I can't really figure that out, but I'd say roughly two months ago. I know however I do not meet the criteria of 1 week playtime..

How often are you on the server?:

Lately, again like I have said before, this server has taken a shining to me and I say that because there was some excellent, and clean updates that were added to the server and I couldn't help but try it out and see how it was. I tell you what, I haven't gotten excited for something in a while but this server honestly took the cake for me.

Server Knowledge
What can players roleplay as?

From my understanding, in RP, anybody can RP as anything just as long as it's within the boundaries and logic of RP and reasoning. It's preferable however to contribute to the idea of Need For Speed Roleplay, and just play as a Driver.

Can cops drive normal cars?

No, the vehicle must be a marked, and standard issued vehicle that you can get from the Police Garage.

Are you allowed to steal cars from other players?:

You are allowed to steal from people when you have them up at gun point, of course under RP's rules, and take the vehicle.
You are allowed to steal the vehicle if the owner is not around and he is foolish enough to leave his vehicle unlocked.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment across from spawn?:

I'm sort of rusty at the map but for what I can remember it's 10k.

How long does that rental last?

For what I've heard and gathered it's 3 days. However on the rules if you're not online for 14 days, refunds for the house is not eligible.

How can players make money?

You may earn money through Streets Races, Deliveries (Both legal and illegal), Becoming a Police Officer, Robbing people within the boundaries of RP, Fishing, Heists on the Bank. Investments into the Bank, Casino.

How do you unlock the money cases from heists?:

 I've personally never seen a heist in person but from what I've gathered is you take the money (I believe the briefcases) out of the bank and to a location that's obviously remote from the location and they're able to be opened.

Staff Situations
A new player joins and doesn't understand what to do. What do you do?

You acquaint the player with a warm greeting and proper, concise explanation as to what the gamemode itself is really about and what you can do to succeed. You first by briefing said player to read the rules as clear and in-depth as possible and guide their first steps until you have confidence they can play without assistance.

A cop is randomly tasering people in spawn. What do you do?

You first offer a warning that this is clearly foolish and obstructing the rules and policies a Police Officer has. If they don't listen you either kick them, or demote them from their job and you further consult their wrong doings to a higher member of the Staff Hierarchy and discuss if they're worthy of the whitelist or not.

A player steals you car. What do you do?:

 If they're Police Officers present you call them. It's last resort to call an Administrator for the loss of your vehicle.

Someone is swearing constantly in OOC. What do you do?

You warn them kindly first, and if they refuse you TP to them and solve it, properly or you kick him/her. If they come back you can gag them until they learn to properly communicate in chat.

A player is blocking the door of the gun store. What do you do?

You delete / move the prop. If the person is non-compliant and has had a clear history of their abuse and disobedience to the rules, you kick / ban them for the appropriate amount of time decided by a superior administrator or in some cases on your own behalf.

A cop is breaking into properties to search them without reason. What do you do?

You freeze, TP to the Police Officer and inform them of their clear wrong doings. If they continue to do so you can kick / ban them and have their whitelists possibly removed their heinous activities.

A player walks up to you and randomly shoots you to death. What do you do?:

You freeze and TP to the player and you inform them of the rules, and warn them that's it's a clear violation of the rules and they should be followed as intended. A kick isn't even necessary in cases like this.

A player has killed 5 others in spawn. What do you do?:

5 players in my book, is Mass RDM and that deserves a ban ranging from 3 days to a permanent ban.

Someone is ramming into other cars constantly. What do you do?:

You can talk to them to the side and further convince them that what their doing clearly isn't okay, if they refuse to listen you can kick them, if they follow with their same actions you may have to ban them.

I agree that as a member of staff I will abide by all player and staff rules, and will remain as active as I claim I will be. I will respect not only those above me, but those below me too. I will be a valuable member of the team and help the server reach its full potential. 
Signed - Donald Kay.

Very informative all around nice person keep up the good work Wink
[Image: f8ac3aad-cc20-4e3c-975e-fced88d876bd.gif]

+1 dank guy, happy birthday init lol
TFK Leader

-Ingame name of Randy Orton.

[Image: 559D05C3CC5F002DFE7C7E68776D7A3E504303BC]
+1 Nice guy knows the rules well, Happy Birthday Smile
NFSRP - Moderator

Contact me ingame or on teamspeak.
Excalibur TS:
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(05-22-2017, 08:23 PM)James Bolton Wrote: Contact me ingame or on teamspeak.

I have attempted to contact you in TS. I will further try to contact you. I am buying a new headset tomorrow so our talks together are more solidified.
Excalibur TS:
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