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Han Kang

Your In Game Name: Daijiro Yoshihara

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:55607114

Offenders In Game Name: Han Kang

Offenders Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:96433555

Brief explanation of what happened: So.. A guy by the name of Han Kang messaged me as soon as I got on the server saying "Han Kang: so u wanna do a race for 1mil Daijiro Yoshihara" I agree so does he. The race goes on and at the end claims to me hitting him off which I didn't he was trying to wall bounce or what ever its called, then at the end decided not to pay and drive off

When did this happen?: About 19:30 19/05/17
Proof: ( If link does not work go on my channel and look

Additional Notes:
+1 was there no money was handed over
+1 purposely baits me as a cop, no roleplay in his time on the server and and an all out trouble maker. Please take care of him
I'll have to check the chat logs when I get home unless you have a picture of the agreement
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thanks babes
Yeah just curious why is the man we reported an administrator? It seems this went under the carpet.. Considering he is a habitual rule breaker at every instance I've dealt with him. Especially as a Police Officer as I previously stated in my first comment.
Logs show that an agreement was made. Han you have 24 hrs to pay him before action is taken against you.
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