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More cops

Hello everyone I wanna talk with u about the police officer there is no police officers online and we do need cops online I think u should maybe change the police whitelist maybe u should do it with a high level like from level 15 or something
Well coming from me(an in-game police officer) I've had the worst experience I've had in a while on Garry's mod because I was being baited and essentially bullied the entire time. When if ever we attain more staff (hopefully me) to enforce fair play I think the people whom are whitelisted will come out and feel confident to be an Officer that could actually defend or apprehend somebody without noncompliance for their wrong doing for once.

Until then there will not be much progression as a server base unless we all put forth an effort to better the experience for everybody.

Your suggestion in my opinion for being level 15 to be a cop is not a sound idea considering you can level up simply by afking. And who is to say that person that is level 15 is actually rule abiding. I personally see faults more in higher levels than I'd imagine id see in lower levels. This is my experience and opinion. I'd figured I'd voice it so people can see that there has to be awareness for us all as a community.
We cannot just get cops on that's not how the system works we need people to apply to become cops and if you look there has been a lot of applications. The applications were bugged a bit a go so it kinda delayed the system.
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This used to be a thing where Police used to be an open thing, but there was not many on even then. It all comes down to who applies on the forums and gets accepted.
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The problem is the "rules" Everyone tries to bait you like ask to race you. Cause they just can and nothing will happen. If you arrest them then they just say hey it was a prank rda. And never listen like its stupid asf
I agree with "NoiseStorm"
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I'm glad nobody read the tangent I posted that covered the same point rip x_x but I see we are on the same page as far as the topic goes
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