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Need for Speed Roleplay is online!

[b]Need for Speed Roleplay is online!

Version 1 has been released. [/b]

Our newest, most ambitious server yet is now here. Need for Speed Roleplay combines street racing with street gangs, and the constant battle between the law and outlaws for control of the city. 

Become a driver and compete in street races to earn cash prices. Store your money in the bank, or head to the dealership and purchase a sweet new ride. Customise it in the garage with new paintjobs, accessories and nitrous. 

Drivers can join street gangs, whether the organisation be small and involved in petty crime, or a huge street force who performs heists on the Bank of America, steals vehicles, intercepts deliveries and runs large drug operations. 

Purchase houses or rent apartments to store anything you need, or to run small drug labs. 

Become police, and shut down street races and drug operations. Intercept gangs on their heists and ruin their day. However, only use lethal force when necesarry, as police are armed to the teeth with different tools to aid in the arresting of a criminal. 

Drive insane police vehicles, fitted with different siren and lights settings, to fit each circumstance you may find yourself in. 

Join now to recieve bonus starting cash to get a BETTER starting car than the opposition. 

Need for Speed Roleplay - JOIN NOW. 





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