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WolfPacks Staff APP

Personal Info
Your name:Josh
Your in-game name: han kang
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:96433555
Your location:England
Your age:14 nearly 15
Link to your Steam Profile:

First language:English
Other languages (if any):Swedish kinda
Area of study: i am currently studding cars and mechanic beacause i would like to work on cars in the furture

Do you have a good quality microphone?:yes
Can your PC run the server without much lag?:yes

Do you have prior experience as staff?:yes i was staff on the darkRP server we was running until we shut it down well dj and electroz did
Are you currently staff elsewhere?: No
What staff positions have you had?: admin
What communities have you been staff with?:  Excalibur Networks DarkRP
When did you leave and why?: i did not leave it shut down

How active can you be on the server?:everyday after school
How active can you be on the Teamspeak?:well im always on there with electroz
How active can you be on the forums?:whenever i need to be
When did you first play on the server?: 18th december 2016
How often are you on the server?: i am very often but i have had my exams so havent been able to jump on due to revistion
Server Knowledge
What can players roleplay as?:driver,crew memeber,police,tow truck,driver
Can cops drive normal cars?:No they cannot they have to use the cars they are given in the garage of the pd where it used to be
Are you allowed to steal cars from other players?:yes
How much does it cost to rent an apartment across from spawn?:im not sure due to map change
How long does that rental last?:3 days
How can players make money?:they can do deliveries quests and race for money
How do you unlock the money cases from heists?:when you take it out of the vault it will go green and then you can press "E" on it and it will give you the money

Staff Situations
A new player joins and doesn't understand what to do. What do you do?: i would tell him to read the rules and tell him a bit about the server and what to do and what it is based on
A cop is randomly tasering people in spawn. What do you do?:i would first give him a verbal warning and if he carrys on to do so i would warn him and then after that i would kick him
A player steals you're car. What do you do?: i would follow RP unless if i was in a sit then i would tell him the situation
Someone is swearing constantly in OOC. What do you do?: tell them to polilty stop and then if they were to carry on i would mute them
A player is blocking the door of the gun store. What do you do?:i would tell him to stop blocking and if he carrys on to do so he would receive a warning
A cop is breaking into properties to search them without reason. What do you do?:i would first of all bring them out of the building if they were breaking to someones house at them moment and i would say to them why are you breaking into their house and when he told me why i would ask if he had a warrent and if he said yes i would check logs and if he was leing i would warn him for leing and random warrating
A player walks up to you and randomly shoots you to death. What do you do?:i would freeze that person and i would tp to them and say what was you're reason for shooting me and if there wasnt a valid reason i would warn them for RDM (random death match which is where you kill someone for no reason)
A player has killed 5 others in spawn. What do you do?:3-4 kills in spawn is always counted as massrdm which always is a ban either perm ban or 4 weeks ban depending on the arguement the offender has to defend himself with
Someone is ramming into other cars constantly. What do you do?:i would tell them to stop ramming cars and if they were to continue i would warn them for ramming into people on purpose

I agree that as a member of staff I will abide by all player and staff rules, and will remain as active as I claim I will be. I will respect not only those above me, but those below me too. I will be a valuable member of the team and help the server reach its full potential.
Signed - Wolf

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[Image: 720a989557cfe1259ee5dce2d9fc98b048cc391b...41a176.jpg]
The Best Forum Manager In The World

[Image: v1.png]
No no no no no no nooooooooo. -1. Just been in game with him.

-Starts up argument again after Ayron said to stop, after saying that 'all crews just sit on their arses and act hard., he asks if I am salty.
-PM's me mid race saying 'ill laugh when you loose'
-Last race goes backwards on the track and when I asked him why he is ramming he said 'you drove into me', keep in mind he was going backwards...
-Restarts the argument again by saying "Randy you gunna stop this bs now, its old', after Ayron told us both to stop.

Everything taken from console.
TFK Leader

-Ingame name of Randy Orton.

[Image: 559D05C3CC5F002DFE7C7E68776D7A3E504303BC]
I invite you to show up on team speak on Friday 19th may at 18:00 GMT. This will be a staff meeting where we can discuss further.
Excalibur TS:
Steam Profile

Can you make sure you have me on steam. Thanks
Excalibur TS:
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