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Police Application

Your name: Ângelo Oliveira
Your in-game name: Ice Wizard
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:74153438
Your location: Portugal
Your age: 14 years 
Link to your Steam Profile:


How active can you be on the server?: Everyday [Image: smile.png]
How active can you be on the Teamspeak?: I dont have Teamspeak because im portuguese, i know english but my pronunciation its not the best, sorry ;-;
When did you first play on the server?: 11th March 2017 but i came back on 27th April 2017.
How often are you on the server?: After school and on weekends i play on the server all day.

Police Situations

You pulled someone over, what would you do?: First of all I Tell him to stop his vehicle, I walk to his car, and I ask for his license then I tell him the reason I pulled him over and i give him a ticket, if he won't pay, he will get arrested
Someone parked illegaly, what would you do?: I wait for the car owner for 5 minutes and if he will not come, I call a tow truck driver to tow his car , if tow truckers are offline I will give him a ticket , if he don't pay he will get arrested
You see someone racing, what would you do?: I will start a pursuit to stop him , then if I have success i will ticket him, if he won't pay , I will force him to get out the vehicle and I will arrest him
Someone has a gun out, what would you do?: I tell him to drop the gun, otherwise i will Tase him and i will arrest him.


Why should you be a Police Officer?: Because i like police job and i want to be police To put the law in paralake city!
Old app. No replys. Denied
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