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Excalibur Networks
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Excalibur Networks

We are a gaming community that tries to give everyone a place to go and unite. Our main focus is on Garry’s Mod since we have our own server and concept called Need for Speed Roleplay.


We have a Teamspeak server! Everyone is welcome to play games and talk with friends and other people. Just connect with ts3.excaliburnetworks.com.


We provide hosting on special request for your Garry’s Mod game server with the same quality as our own! Go to excaliburnetworks.com/store or contact on of our staff on Teamspeak.

Garry's Mod

You like Garry’s Mod? Good! We have a Garry’s Mod running called Need for Speed Roleplay. Currently there is a custom roleplay server being developed focused on a more casual roleplay.

“We love gaming with friends!”

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We are a gaming community with the main focus of bringing people together and providing the needed services for them. Our passion lays currently in creating Garry’s Mod servers which take up most of our time. The Teamspeak server is free for everyone to go on and play games together with whoever he or she likes. Our services are free since we want to provide gamers a place to go and talk with each other. We may ask money for certain features on our Teamspeak or Gameserver, but this is voluntarily. This is what we enjoy the most to do and to be able to do that, we would not have to worry financially. You are always free to ask a question!